Cruising Qatar Airlines

This weekend, i felt like i did not have any mojo.  I was defeated by my back pain on Saturday and was not happy with most of the photos i took on that day.


I am even contemplating on re-doing the photos of the thimbles because i am not happy with them – i felt like i really rushed it.

Anyhow, Saturday was such a beautiful day, i sat out on my balcony for a while, hoping to catch some flights going over head or even coming in to land on 10-28.

No such luck for the landings on 10-28, but there were a few flights that passed over my head while sitting outside.

The photo above is of a Qatar airlines Boeing 777, heading for an airport on the East coast of the US.  I did not have my tablet with me, so i was not able to track it right away.

At the moment, i am just trying to relax my mind in order to think more clearly about what i want to do with my photography.  My mind seems to be all over the place right now (those damn photography forums!) and i need to go back to what i know.

Happy shooting!


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