The Fuji HG-XPRO1 Hand Grip

For some time now, i have been wanting to get a hand grip for my XP1.  However, the price that Fuji was charging for the grip turned me off.  Therefore, i went looking for an alternative.

Fuji has two hand grips for the XP1.  Version one is a straight forward grip that attaches to the base of the camera via the tripod socket.  The base of the grip does have a tripod socket, which is actually centered.  One thing that the first version lacks, is an access port for the battery/SD card compartment.


Version two of the grip has  an access port for the battery/SD card compartment and the base is dovetailed.  The dovetailed base allows you to attach the camera directly to your arca swiss mount without the QR plate.

Back to the price.  If you don’t mind taking the grip on and off when you want to change your battery or SD card, you will do just fine with version one of the grip.  However, it will set you back $149 CAD.  For version two, you will have to shell out $169 CAD.  They are not cheap accessories.

Before i purchased a Fuji grip, i did look at the iShoot grip (or variations there of) which go for about $70-80 CAD on eBay.  The only reason i did not go for the iShoot grip, was because someone offered me their version one grip for $50 USD.  It was a deal i could not really resist.

(I purchased the grip from a member on .  The forum membrs username is: DJL813.  He is also a very well rated seller on eBay: .  I highly recommend purchasing from this person if you have the chance to do so.)

For some reason ( i am thinking because i did not look into this aspect of the grip), i thought the grip was going to be metal.  Version two of the grip is metal because of the fact that the base is dovetailed in order to be clamped in an Arca swiss mount.

Version one is not metal, it is plastic.  I must say, i was slightly disapointed when i got the grip and found out that it was not metal.  But, for only $50 USD, my disappointment did not last long.  I only had to think about what Fuji charges for a brand new one and i was laughing.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s not “cheap” plastic and it is very well made.  I would imagine it is ABS plastic and it blends in very well with the finish of the XP1 (which has an ALL magnesium alloy body).  There are two rubber “feet” on the base of the grip, while felt lines the top of the grip plate where the camera base sits in.  As you can see in the above photo, you’re able to attach the grip with a hand tightened screw.  Version two requires you to use an allen key!  Just what i need to carry around with me.

As much as i love Fuji and think the world of their products, i have to ask: ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR MINDS FUJI???  $140 CAD FOR A PLASTIC GRIP!!

Anyhow, i am very happy with the grip and it certainly let’s my big hand hold the camera much better.  It adds a bit of bulk to the camera, which i do like.

Who dares wins.

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