A Little Walkabout

I went out early this morning to go and return something at the shopping mall.  After i had done that, i walked around a bit to take some photos.

This was actually the first time that i have really noticed the limits of the 35mm in regards to it’s FOV.  I really do need something wider, like the 18mm.  Getting the 18mm would round out my trinity: 18mm, 35mm & 60mm.  The three original lenses that came out at the time of the XP1.

Having a bad lower back that tends to act up for no specific reason, i was not able to go to the spots i wanted to go.

Took the below photo with the 60mm.



Come to think of it, i could have just gone across the street to take some of these photos.  In essence, i wanted more of the structure in the frame.



I added a bit of a different greyscale profile to some of the photos, just to see what they would look like.



It is such a nice day here, i wish i could have continued.  But, my back would not let me.  So, back home i am.

Happy shooting!


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