“You Know, Aliens Live In The Holes On The Moon.”

….. Well, that is what my daughter told me.  So, i thought i would take her word for it and go and see if i could find them.

I wanted to re-shoot the moon anyhow and see if i could get slightly better results then the other night.  In order to attempt this, i went and got my monopod and attached my camera to it.

In addition to the monopod, i used a chair.  In order to really stabilize myself, i sat in the chair, stretched out until my rear end was on the edge of the seat of the chair and had the monopod more or less laying on my chest.

I had the monopod extended to the point that it was touching my feet and the cameras viewfinder was just on my eye.  It was a much more stable position as opposed to standing up and bending backwards.



I did not see any Aliens, but there is a good explanation for that.  According to my daughter, they only come out of the holes during the morning time.  At night, they are asleep.  Silly me.

I think that is it for moon photos.  The photos above were really test shots for the 50-230.  The photos themselves are heavily cropped, so you are able to see how well the lens and the X-Trans sensor work together.

Happy shooting & look out for those Aliens in the morning!


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