The Rocks Of L’Isle Aux Coudres, Quebec

In the last ten years, we have been able to make it up to the Charlevoix & Malbaie regions of Quebec.  This part of Quebec is beautiful and full of photo ops (i was not really into photography back then) and you would easily go through some batteries, if not some memory cards as well.

There is one place up in this neck of the woods that is a must visit.  It is called L’isle Aux Coudres.  It is a small island in the St. Lawrence river and was settled in 1728.  And when i say “small”, i mean it is about 6.8 miles long & 1.9 miles wide.  It’s not hard to tour this island in an afternoon.

When i was there, i did some beach combing and came home with some rocks.  With these rocks, i made an Inuksuk by bonding them all together wih PL Premium construction adhesive – it will never fall apart.  Here is a bit of info on what an Inuksuk is:(

Here is my Inuksuk:

XPRO1536 copy

(As a side note, the above photo was converted into JPEG from a DNG file, which came from the original RAF file out of the XP1.  I still have yet to learn how to properly process RAF files.)

Big deal right? It’s just a pile of rocks!  Well, the point of this post was not really to show you my Inuksuk, but rather to show you the black background i was able to obtain in the photo.

I am starting to really enjoy using the 60mm to take photos of objects that i find around the house.  My first go was with the knick knacks from my Grandma.  I will continue that with all the thimbles i have from her.

However, for these particular subjects, a nice black background is in order.  A black background makes these small items stand out more and really brings attention to them.  Though, it’s not so easy to get a deep black in the background if you don’t use a few tricks.

I am going to assume there are other ways of doing this, but the one method i found involved using layers and the paint brush in Photoshop elements.

Here is the tutorial i found and followed:

It is a bit time consuming and you do have to have a steady hand when going around the object with the brush.  The above photo was my first attempt at doing this and it seems to have turned out okay.  There are a few spots where i can clean it up a bit more, but it will work.

In addition, you can also play around with the opacity of the black, which i did a bit and was able to bring a touch of “lightness” at the feet of the Inuksuk.

I really enjoyed doing this because once again, i have learnt something new.  I never thought that i would actually take interest in using Photoshop, but i am finding that it certainly is advantageous to learn a photo editing software.

Happy shooting!



2 thoughts on “The Rocks Of L’Isle Aux Coudres, Quebec

    1. exe file for the trial version is in my Dropbox now. Will give it a spin when i shoot more RAF. Not sure how often i would use it, but let’s see how things progress. Thanks


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