Testing The Fujinon XC 50-230mm OIS

Here are my first test shots with the 50-230mm.  I am a bit out of balance today, literally.  Therefore, i took a break from the office.

You know it’s spring when it’s warm, the skies are blue and the Cardinals are back in your yard.

The photos of the squirrel were taken from over two backyards away.  For the cardinal, he was at the boundary of my yard, up on the wire and clothing line pole.

I set the lens to f/8, ISO at 200.



Mr. Cardinal is in his orange suit today.  He is not quite red yet.




So far, so good.  I am very pleased with the performance.  Compared with the Nikkor 55-200 and the Tamron 70-300 that i have owned previously, this lens is definitely ranking at the top.

The OIS on the lens is fantastic & quiet, the lens is light, it focuses quickly and the focus ring has a nice rubber grip.

I will be shooting more now that spring is here and there will be many subjects in my backyard.

Happy shooting!


4 thoughts on “Testing The Fujinon XC 50-230mm OIS

    1. Yes, it is a wonderful lens. From past experience with a 55-200, i would not be able to live without the extra reach. That is why i got rid of my Nikkor 55-200 when i had my DSLR and went with a 70-300.


      1. Yes, sometimes it’s those 30mm which make the difference. Following the Fuji X roadmap, there will be a “super telephoto zoom lens” by late this year. I am really curious what that might be.


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