As a second test for my 50-230mm, i took some photos of aircraft going over my house at cruising altitude.

The point of this test, was to see how well the lens would be able to pick-up and focus on an object, a very small object when viewed from the ground.

The lens had no problem in focusing on such a “small” object and when i zoomed in on the photo, the clarity & resolution was fine.

The first aircraft that i picked up, was this British Airways Boeing 747-400.  This is flight 195 from London Heathrow to Houston Bush International in Texas.

He was cruising at 38,000ft at a speed of 451kts (519mph)



This second aircraft is an unknown.  I did not get a shot of the tail, but i am thinking it is a Delta flight.  I was to late in looking it up though.



The 50-230 is definitely a keeper.  It has performed very well and has given very nice results.  I would certainly recommend this lens to anyone looking for a nice, telephoto zoom lens.

Happy shooting!


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