Jazz Aviation LP

Jazz is a Canadian regional airline, operating as Air Canada’s “Express” brand (as of 2012, Air Canada retired the Jazz brand and created a new name/brand for it’s regional operations, Air Canada Express).  The airline is based in Halifax and is a wholly owned subsidiary of Chorus Aviation.

The airline, under Air Canada, serves 79 destinations.  These destinations, both in Canada & the US, are served under a Capacity Purchase Agreement or CPA.

The CPA dictates that Air Canada sets the flight schedule and routes for Jazz/Air Canada Express, and purchases all of the airlines seats at predetermined rates.

The airlines fleet consists of: Bombardier Dash 8-100, Dash 8-300, Dash 8 Q400, CRJ200 and CRJ705.

Interesting (perhaps scary to some) fact:  As of August 2008, Jazz/Air Canada Express stopped storing life jackets in their aircraft.  The seat cushions are your flotation devices.  Legal? Yes, it is.  If the aircraft stays within 50nm (93km) of land, the airline does not have to provide flotation devices, such as life jackets.


DSC_0019 (2)

DSC_0039 (2)







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Air Inuit: Behind The Scenes

I have a treat for everyone today.  I know a guy, his name is Mike and you will see him in the videos, who flew for Air Inuit some years back.  He is now an F/O for Air Transat (A310).

I had no part in shooting these videos.  They reside in my Dropbox because they are far to big to upload here and i have no interest in YouTube.

Just click on the links and enjoy:




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Fujinon XF 16mm f/1.4 Wide Angle Lens

I really never thought that Fuji would do it, but they have.  If you look at the new lens road map, you will see that they have parked a 16mm between their 14 and 18mm prime lenses:


It may be just a “rumor” at this point in time, but according to sources out there, it is pretty much a done deal.

The XF lens line up is growing and it is growing with some awesome glass.

With the prime lens line up pretty well rounded out now, Fuji is now working on some longer focal ranges with it’s up and coming zooms.

Since their first interchangeable lens X camera, the X-Pro1 in 2012, i can safely say this: Fuji, you’ve come along way baby!

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Some Evening Departures

It was a nice clear evening tonight and i was able to catch a few departures coming off of 24L.  Again, i did have to crop the original photos a bit.

Here is an Air France A340.  He turned left and went up the St. Lawrence valley, a normal route for flights going to Europe.




Second departure i caught, was this WestJet Boeing 737-800.




Unlike some people, i would not complain if i lived next to the airport.

Happy shooting!

EXR Mode On The Fuji X10

As my daughter and I were finishing up her spelling review this evening, we both noticed that the sunset was giving off this reddish/pink color.  She looked outside and said to me, “Daddy, look, the sky is beautiful tonight.”

It certainly was beautiful and i told her that i would take a picture of the nicely colored sky for her.  Therefore, i grabbed my X10, turned the left hand dial to “EXR” and took some quick photos.



I did increase the color a tad, as well as increased the contrast a bit in order for that color to come out more.  Other then that, this is what came out of the camera.

What is EXR mode?:

That is a good question.  Essentially, it is an automatic scene mode.  I have yet to find what EXR stands for, but perhaps it does not really matter.  What matters is what it does for you.

If you are an X20 owner, you unfortunately do not have this feature built into your camera, which is a shame.  I am not sure why Fuji opted to go a different route with the X20, but they instead incorporated a feature called SR+ (Scene Recognition mode) into the camera.

I have read that the SR+ mode is more or less on par with the EXR mode in regards to it’s “raison d’etre“, but it does take some getting used to if you have been an EXR user for any length of time.

In regards to the finished product, your photo, it does seem that the X10 with it’s EXR mode comes out on top.  Though, it is not a landslide win.

The process:

The whole EXR process starts with the EXR CMOS sensor in the the Fuji X10.  The sensor is a 12mp, 2/3″ CMOS sensor.  From the sensor, the information about the “scene” is sent to the EXR processor in the camera.

The processor has two CPUs to work with and the processor is re-configurable, which means the circuits are re-writable in order to dynamically adapt to perform complex processing tasks and corrections.

With the information from the sensor, the processor can then decide how to best process the information to produce a final image.

The EXR mode can instantly recognize if there is motion in the scene.  Further, it has the ability to recognize 54 different types of “scenes”.  Everything in this process is automatically worked out: white balance all the way to exposure.

In order for the processor to get the exposure just right, it will first decide on one of three base lines: High Resolution for well lit scenes, High Sensitivity/Low Noise for low light and Dynamic Range mode for high-contrast scenes.

Once it has decided on a final “overall” exposure, it will then go on to pick one of 99 patterns to finalize the photo.

Of course, the whole process that i described above, has far more twists & turns and would take pages upon pages to explain fully.  Let’s just say that the EXR mode is a sweet piece of Fuji technology.

Why bother talking about EXR, an “automatic” mode?:

I won’t lie to myself, the X10 is a point and shoot camera, though a very advanced one.  Therefore, it is understandable that it will have all sorts of “auto” features built in, like EXR.

Of course, you don’t have to use these “auto” features if you don’t want.  You can use an X10 just like you would use an X-Pro1 and this is how i use my X10 most of the times.

However, what i don’t understand, is why some “photographers” are so against “auto” features?

I have heard it many times before, “If you are going to use scene modes or auto mode on your DSLR, why don’t you just buy a P&S?”

Or, “A camera with scene modes is not a ‘pro’ camera.”

I am thinking that some of these people don’t have a clue about all the “automatic” things that are happening inside their camera once they take a photo.  Oh well.

You will probably not see a professional use a “scene” mode on their camera.  This is because they most likely want their photos to have a certain “flavor” to them, a personal “flavor”.  Besides, most pros will be shooting in RAW anyhow; therefore, there would be no use for a “scene” mode.

Personally, i would discourage anyone who wants to advance in photography, to just simply use “scene” modes for every photo you take.  You just won’t learn anything.

But let’s not get all snobby about it.  The perception of some people, is that you are really not performing “photography” when you use auto functions.  Rather, they see the person as just pushing a button and that’s it.

Yet, some of these same people are the ones who spend hours manipulating a photo in Photoshop.  From my experience, some of the Photoshop “jobs” i have seen, are far worse then any photo taken on a cameras auto mode.

I have always said that the most important thing in photography, is what you produce with the camera and it does not matter with what camera.  The final result, the photo, is THE most important aspect.

In addition, depending on what camera you have, you may have spent quite a bit of money on it.  Therefore, why not use it to it’s maximum potential?  Use every feature it has, explore it, learn it, be one with it.

By no means am i advocating using a camera in auto mode at all times.  If you are serious about photography, this would be the wrong avenue to take.  You need to learn about all the aspects that make up a proper exposure.

On the other hand, i am advocating that photography should be fun and you have to get out of your comfort zone at times and try different things.

If you do own a camera with “scene” modes or an Auto mode like EXR, give it a go.  Get out there, have some fun shooting, while not having to think to much of the settings.  I guarantee you that no one will know that you did so, unless you tell them of course.

The photos in this blog are dedicated to my daughter 🙂

Happy shooting!

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Firmware Update For X100 & X100S

Fuji has just released two firmware updates.  One for the X100 and one for the X100S (black versions as well).

These firmware update incorporates functionality for the new TCL-X100.  Essentially, menu options are added in order to use the TCL-X100 and the shooting frame is adjusted for the area that the TCL-X100 covers.

Just in case anyone thinks their Black X100/S are different; no, they are not.  These firmware updates are for the black versions as well.

You can find the firmware updates here: (https://d7100shooter.wordpress.com/category/my-walks-with-mr-fuji-by-my-side/fuji-firmware-updates-lenses-cameras/)

Please remember to use a camera formatted SD card, a fully charged battery in your camera and do not turn off your camera in the middle of the update.

Thanks for looking.

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Easter Egg Hunt

This weekend has been the most beautiful weekend we have had in Montreal, in a long time.

When i looked at the weather mid last week, i saw that the weather on Sunday was supposed to be fair, with perhaps some showers.  Well, how wrong they were!  Spring weather is finally here.

Since the weather was so damn beautiful, we did not pass up the opportunity to get out and enjoy it.  We did this by taking a drive out to Ile Perrot (the lady inside my GPS kept pronouncing it “Parrot” , lol) and going to Quinn Farm.



We have been to Quinn Farm many, many times before for apple picking.  This is the first time we went for their Easter egg hunt.



I traveled light today and if you want to know what i mean by light, here was my kit for the day:

Fuji X-10, Lens Hood, Mini Tripod, 2 x NP-50 Batteries and a Sandisk 4GB SD Card
Fuji X-10, Lens Hood, Mini Tripod, 2 x NP-50 Batteries and a Sandisk 4GB SD Card

I still think that the Fuji X-10 is the most kick ass compact camera, ever.  It certainly beats the pants off of my old D80 and is on par with a D90.

I shot everything in RAF and just converted it in-camera.  That reminds me, i have to delete the Adobe DNG converter that sits on my laptop.  Converting RAF files to DNG, then working on them in Photoshop, then converting them to JPEG…… well, it’s horrible.

Upon closer inspection over the weekend, the resulting JPEGs that come out of that process, have this weird “noise” to them when you zoom in a bit.  I don’t know if it is me that is doing something wrong during the process, but i am no longer going to do it.



They seemed to have cleaned up the place quite a bit and have installed some new features aimed directly at kids.


You can tour the barn that you see here in the photos.  Inside, there are chickens, goats, sheep and pigs.



Hog heaven!!  Boy, these pigs were enjoying themselves under the Spring sun today.  Most were just laying around and soaking up the rays.






Outside with the pigs, were some sheep, lamas and a turkey!


Not sure what will happen to this turkey, but it never ends good for them.


These Lamas were really camera shy.  They just would not let you get a head shot.  Or, maybe they were Nikon users and were turning their nose up at my Fuji.


After touring around the outside of the barn, we hopped onto a trailer that was being pulled by a tractor and went to the Easter egg hunt.


All the eggs were under the Christmas trees that they were growing on the farm.


Going back to the main area of the farm, i took some photos of the animals inside the barn.  I did not dare use the flash, just in case the animals got spooked by it.

Because i did not use the flash, it meant i had to shoot at shutter speeds of 1/5s and 1/8s.  One of the other reasons i was not able to achieve higher shutter speeds, was because i was keeping the ISO at 800 and below.






The day had gone great up until this point.  Then, i came across The Goosenator.  This goose got really peeved at me and began to hiss at me.  Yes, geese hiss at you when they are pissed off.

This goose did not like the fact that i got close to it.  If it could have done, it would have chased me.  No big deal, i have had it happen to me before and not just geese.  I have had geese and ducks chase me, while at the same time, have pigeons land on me!

Have you ever seen Alfred Hitchcocks, “The Birds”?  Well, i lived it one day, many years ago, in Buxton, England.




Evil, evil goose!

So, that was my day at Quinn Farm doing the Easter egg hunt.  Most importantly, my daughter & her friend had a good time.

Happy shooting!

Saturday Afternoon Walk

Saturday was a beautiful day to get out and take a walk.


I took all the photos in RAF and converted them in-camera.  If you ask me, it is the easiest way to process RAF files.

The only problem is, you are not able to see your changes live.  Though, i did not adjust much anyhow.  Just a bit of sharpening and a color boost.

I tried using a trial version of Lightroom, but it is only compatible with Windows 7 on up.  Well, i am still on a Windows Vista machine, so i am out of luck.


These photos are from both my cameras and i have come to the realization that since i have my X10, i don’t really need a wide angle lens.


At it’s widest, the lens on the X10 is equivalent to a 28mm lens on a 35mm/Full Frame camera.  This works out to the lens being equivalent to an 18.6666666666666mm lens on a cropped sensor (Nikon DX or Fuji APS-C) camera.


In sum, the lens (at it’s widest) on the X10 has a FOV equal to the XF 18mm, which is 76.5 degrees.  No real need to buy the 18mm now.



It was fun to process the RAF files in-camera.  When the X series first came out, some people were saying the the best way to convert RAF files to JPEGs, was to simply use the built in converter in the camera.


Though, i don’t know how it would compare to the software packages that are out today.



Thanks for looking.

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