Cross Stich At The Macro Level

Did a little “macro” photography this evening for fun and i used my wife’s cross stitch as my subject.

The thread and the needle were perfect subjects.

I used my X10 for this.  The lens was set at 28mm (in the super “macro” setting, it will not work beyond 28mm) and i set it at f/2.0.

With the lens at an angle to the cross stich, i was able to get the center in focus and the surrounding area out of focus.





Happy shooting!


4 thoughts on “Cross Stich At The Macro Level

  1. Hi Tito and Tita. I just want to ask what type of camera are you using? It doesn’t have a zooming lens right? Just the focus? I just felt curious of using it. Oh by the way. I have some new shots on my Facebook Page. It was the Balloon Festival at Lubao, Pampanga. A friend of mine treat me there to take photos of them plus the bonus that I can take photos that I want too. Mind to check it out? It was my first time to see a Gigantic Hot Air Balloon and I even managed to touch one. Blobblob might want it to see. Happy Shooting! Miss you all! 🙂


    1. Hi Ronchie, I have two cameras: Fuji X-Pro1 and Fuji X-10. THe X-10 has a fixed (can not be taken off), zoom lens. The zoom lens is 28-112mm. It has a “macro” feature that let’s me get within a few centimeters of the subject and focus. Yes, i will certainly look at your facebook page. Thanks for dropping by, take care


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