Update On Upcoming Fujinon Lenses

That are quite a few new Fujinon lenses in the pipeline at this moment.  Some will come sooner than others.  Apparently, three of the five new lenses will start to hit the store shelves this year.


16-55mm XF f/2.8 R OIS:

This lens is supposed to come out in September, just in time for Christmas.  I am assuming you will be able to get a maximum aperture of f/2.8 throughout the focal range, which is quite nice, especially at the long end.

Build quality will be the same as all other XF lenses and it will have an aperture ring.

Though, to a certain degree, i don’t see the point in having an XC and an XF lens with pretty much the same focal range.  Yes, i do realize that the XC is “slower”, especially at the long end when compared to the XF lens.  But, what if Fuji made just one 16-50(5) lens and priced it in the middle?  Just a thought.

Weather sealed XF 18-135 f/3.5 – 5.6 R OIS:

This lens was supposed to come out this spring, but it has been delayed until June at the earliest.

This certainly will be a great travel lens or a lens that you can take with you instead of three or four different ones.  Again, i can really see it for those folks going on vacations.

Though it is weather sealed and was made so because of the X-T1 coming onto the scene, you will of course be able to use this lens on any X camera.

50-140mm XF f/2.8 R OIS:

Here again, we have a telephoto lens that will give you a maximum aperture of f/2.8 throughout the focal range.  However, in my opinion, Fuji should have made this lens a 70-200 f/2.8.

Though, perhaps because i know nothing about optical formulas, a 70-200 f/2.8 may become far to large for an X camera.  In addition, as has been told to me once before, my lens “knowledge” stems from using DSLRs for many years.  if i would have been using rangefinder cameras for the same amount of years, i just might understand the focal lengths/ranges that Fuji is putting out a bit better.

Again, having f/2.8 on the long end will be very nice.  In the lens road map above, you can see that the lens has a tripod collar.  This would indicate that the lens is going to be somewhat front-heavy on the camera.

None of these lenses are going to be cheap.  With weather sealing, telephoto ranges, constant maximum apertures, maximum apertures of f/2.8 and XF lens quality, you better start saving your pennies now.

If the price of a Nikon 70-200mm f/2.8 VR is any indication, the 50-140 is probably going to be a couple of grand.  The 18-135 will probably be around a grand, give or take.  The 16-55 will also be close to a grand.

Those are my guesses on the prices based on similar lenses out there already and factoring in the build quality of XF lenses.  On the other hand, i could be totally wrong, which does happen at times 😉

Two more XF lenses on the horizon:

The two other lenses that are in the pipeline, are a high-speed wide angle lens and a super telephoto lens.  As far as i know, there has been no official announcement of the focal lengths/ranges of these lenses.

However, some have guessed that the super telephoto may go out to 400mm.  In regards to the high-speed wide angle lens, it may be a 16mm.  We already have a 14, 18, 23 and a 10-24.  It would seem logical to squeeze in a 16mm to round things out.

If all the XF/XC lenses of today are any indication, these upcoming lenses should be wonderful performers optically.  Though, they will not be so wonderful on your wallet.

Happy shooting!




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