New Samyang Lenses Announced

Many people have been waiting for Samyang to finally announce their new X mount lenses.  We have all been hearing about them for the last 6 months or so.  Personally, i have been putting off buying any new Fujinon lenses just to see what Samyang was going to come out with.

Here are the lenses that were just announced:

– 8mm f/2.8 UMC Fish-Eye II Lens

– 10mm f/2.8 ED AS NCS CS Lens

– 12mm f/2.0 NCS CS Lens

They also announced an 8mm Cine lens.  But, since i don’t do any sort of video, i am not all that interested in it.

Now, you are probably wondering why i listed the 8mm fish-eye.  Well, apparently it is version 2 of the original.  I can’t really say what the differences may be, but it is considered as a new release.

What are the prices like?:

They are far more cost effective than a Fujinon lens or a Zeiss.  Here are the break down of prices (the prices are in CAD and are from B&H):

– 8mm Fish-Eye: $391.41

– 10mm: $593.28

– 12mm: $447.48

As you can see, version 2 of the 8mm is slightly more expensive than the original.  Again, i don’t know what the differences are.

Obviously, the USD prices are going to be “less” because of the exchange rate.  If i were you, i would wait for a major retailer in Canada to start selling these lenses in order to see if it really is worth buying from a US retailer.  I suspect that Henry’s will be carrying these lenses pretty soon.

What are these lenses like optically?:

I can not give you any first hand accounts of how any of these lenses perform optically.  However, i have researched the 8mm quite extensively and everyone says that it is a great lens and sharp all around.  I have read about the 85mm as well and it is said to be a good piece of glass.  I can only imagine that the new 10 & 12mm lenses will perform just as well optically.

Keep in mind the reason that these lenses are less expensive than others, is because of the fact that they have no image stabilization or auto focus mechanisms in them.  They are all fully manual lenses.  Therefore, get your manual focus skills honed.

In regards to the specifications of the lenses, below are some links that will let you read all about them:

12mm: (

8mm: (

10mm: (

These lenses are great alternatives to the Fujinon lenses.

Happy shooting!


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