Be Careful Where You Stow Your DSLR While On The Flight Deck

Being a bit of an aviation nut, i go to certain websites in order to read articles.  One website i frequent quite a bit, is  It is a great website, full of information about commercial, business, private and military aviation.

On the most part, i find myself reading articles about the business of aviation, trends and technology.  Every once in a while, i come across an article that leaves me with that “wow” factor and that happened today.

Many pilots these days will bring their cameras to the office, which is the flight deck.  They will either take videos of themselves flying or take pictures of other aircraft passing by.  I thank all pilots who do this, because it gives me and others a perspective we will never experience.

Before i go on and share the article, you have to understand one major difference between Boeing aircraft and Airbus aircraft.  In an Airbus, their is no yoke.  Airbus uses “sidesticks” instead.  In a Boeing, you will find the traditional yoke.  This will be important to understand when reading the artilce.

Without further ado, here is the article:

Pretty scary.  To think that a DSLR could bring down an Airbus A330, all because it was left in the wrong place.  I would imagine the pilot received a good, stern talking to.

Please stow your gear properly.

Happy shooting!

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