The Fujinon XF 18mm f/2 R

I am a wide angle addict.  I just love getting as much as i can into the frame.  I still miss my Tamron 10-24mm that i used when i had my Nikon.  Fuji does have a 10-24 now, but it is a thousand dollars, so i don’t think i will be getting that anytime soon.

I also miss my 18-55mm that i had with my X-E1, but i had to sacrifice that when i traded it in for the XP1.  Of course, you don’t have to pay Fuji prices to get a wide angle lens.  You can adapt lenses to your to your Fuji, or you can go the Samyang route.  Samyang, at this point in time, have an 8mm, a 10mm and a 14mm lens for the Fuji X mount.  All these lenses will be manual focusing however, but will be far more cost effective to the Fujis.

Right now, Fuji still has its lenses on sale.  This is the second month that they have had instant rebates on their lenses and i am not sure that they will be going for a third.  Therefore, it is very tempting to take advantage of the rebates, just in case they don’t make a return in April.

I have my eye on the 18mm.  No, it’s not an ultra wide angle lens, but it is still a wide angle lens.  18mm is just right for what i would want it for; that is, interior shots in churches and some landscapes.  When i had the 18-55, i was very happy with the FOV that 18mm gave me.

The FOV of the 18mm is 76.5 degrees, which is a huge difference from my 35mm, which has a FOV of 44.2 degrees.  This means you are going to get almost double the “scene” in your frame.

The 18mm is no different in regards to construction & quality compared to the 35mm.  In fact, if you were to look really quickly, you would swear they were the same lenses.  But, in reality, the 18mm is shorter in stature than the 35mm, but it still incorporates an aperture ring.  Very nice.

With the 18mm, you get the same type of lens hood that comes with the 35mm, along with the bottom cap, lens cap and hood cap.  It comes in the same, black, padded, magnetic lip, reusable box that you will not want to throw away.

In terms of optical performance, i can only say that it is most likely just as good as the 35mm.  If you would like to read a technical review of the lense, follow this link:

I feel that i am bang on by saying that Fuji has the best lenses around right now – some even out perform Leica lenses in some regards.

Quick break down of the specs:

– Lens makeup: 8 elements, 7 groups (2 aspherical)

– Angle of view: 76.5 degrees

– Max Aperture: f/2

– Min Aperture: f/16

– Number of blades: 7 rounded

– Focus range: 0.8m to infinity.  Macro: 18cm – 2.0m

– Max magnification: 0.14x

– Filter size: 52mm

– Weight (lens only): 116g

This lens is a great wide angle lens.  It is light, compact and performs excellent optically.  At the moment, it is $399 Canadian, which is a steal for a lens of this caliber.

Happy shooting!


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