My Nephew In The Philippines

My Nephew in the Philippines stopped by my blog today and left a few comments, as well as shared his own photography website: (

I remember the last time we saw each other in the Philippines.  He was so grown up from the last time i had seen him and it was nice to see how responsible he was being.

I am really happy to see that he has picked up a hobby that he enjoys and is passionate about.  Having no father and being the eldest among 6 kids, he had to do a lot of growing up really fast.  He could have gone two ways: be the responsible, older brother or be a lost cause with no direction.  It’s not hard to lose kids to the streets in the heart of Manila.

He is finishing up school, has photography as a hobby, is part of a band and seems to have a good group of people around him.  I can never replace his father; but as a dad myself, i am very proud of him.

Please visit his website and enjoy some photos from the Philippines.  Personally, i really like his style of putting the subject off to one side and having the background blown out.

Happy shooting!