Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!!

The 191st annual Saint Patrick’s Day Parade in Montreal, Quebec.  Everyone’s Irish on St. Paddy’s day!

These photos were taken with the X10.  I just did not want to walk around with a camera bag today.  Therefore, i took the X10, 2 spare batteries, lens hood and an extra memory card.  A very light kit indeed.

As much as i like the results, i do believe that i have been spoiled very much by shooting with my XP1 exclusively for a while now.  Today was the first day that i shot only with my X10.

The reason why i said that i have been spoiled with the XP1, is because upon closer inspection, i have noticed that the photos are somewhat grainy.  The grain may be apparent because i did crop them somewhat, but even the originals are somewhat grainy.  Honestly, i have caught myself pixel peeping.  I also think that i have been spoiled by the APS-C, 16mp, X-Trans sensor of the the XP1.

Because of the fact that the sun was just rising over the buildings, i did experience some lens flare on some of the photos.

I must admit that i was somewhat quick in taking these photos, which is an issue for me at times.  I really have to learn to slow down, look at the scene, think of my cameras settings, compose, shoot.  Some days i just don’t have some of the ingredients in that recipe.

DSCF3287                           DSCF3289

DSCF3291                           DSCF3293

DSCF3295                           DSCF3297

DSCF3299                           DSCF3300

DSCF3301                           DSCF3302

DSCF3303                           DSCF3304

DSCF3306                                       DSCF3308

DSCF3309                           DSCF3310

DSCF3314                           DSCF3315

DSCF3316                           DSCF3319

DSCF3320                           DSCF3322

DSCF3323                           DSCF3325

DSCF3327                           DSCF3333

DSCF3336                           DSCF3337