Make Your Fuji Unique

There are plenty of ways to make your Fuji somewhat “unique” and have it say something about you. You can add different sorts of soft releases that are different sizes, colors & have different designs on them.

You can add different sorts of straps: neck straps and wrist straps.  These straps can also be different materials, lengths and colors.

You are also able to add thumb rests, grips and leather cases to your camera.  Though, these don’t make the camera as “unique” as the first accessories that i mentioned.

A while back, i watched a YouTube video of a fellow who took the skin off of his XP1 and replaced it with a light brown, leather-like material.  This leather-like material was already pre-cut; therefore, there was no fussing about with cutting it to shape.  In the end, it looked quite good and all the pieces fit quite well.

However, the big problem with taking the skin off of your own XP1, is the fact that it is not that easy.  Furthermore, you have paid over a thousand dollars for your XP1, so why not get your camera re-skinned by some pros?

Fuji has a new service available in the UK & Ireland right now, where they will take your camera in and apply new skin to it:


I am assuming that if this service takes off in the UK & Ireland, they will have similar sites in North America and elsewhere.

Personally, i like the dark colors, like the black lizard on the XP1.  It really does add an air of sophistication to your camera.

Happy shooting!


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