Colorfully Contrasty

Wanted to do something a little different today.  I took some photos of an old and out of commission container crane – this has been the subject of some other photos that are on my blog.

They were not easy to take because i could not see a damn thing on the LCD of my X-10.  It was not because of the bright sunshine, but rather because of my transition lenses.  As soon as i moved my glasses down my nose a bit, i was able to see the LCD just fine with my naked eyes.

Since i have taken pictures of this crane before, it’s not all that different…. right?  Well, what i did when i brought the photos into NX2 is what makes these photos a bit different.  I moved the “contrast” slider all the way to the right and i increased the “color” slider have a notch.

This is not a style that i would implement on all my photos.  I really wanted to just do something different and that is what photography is all about, breaking away from the norm.

Photos taken with my Fuji X-10.

Happy shooting

DSCF3268               DSCF3269

DSCF3270                  DSCF3271