The Fuji X-T1

Ha! Made you look.  Sorry, but this is not going to be any sort of review of the Fuji X-T1.

Some people may be wondering why i have not written about the X-T1 since it was officially announced.  Good question.  Well, the answer is, there are so many other places where you can read a review of Fuji’s latest camera.  Why would i want to be like everyone else and follow like a sheep?

Right from the get go, i promised myself that my blog was not going to be a “review” site, where i go into great detail about products.  It has been done so many times and the internet is saturated with camera equipment reviews; therefore, why be the millionth person to do it?  Rather silly if you ask me.

For the past couple of weeks, i have been following along on one particular Fuji forum to see what people’s opinion on the X-T1 is.  So far, people have been raving about it and it is beyond what they expected.  Of course, out the people that have taken possession of one, they are a handful of folks who have taken it upon themselves to write up in-depth reviews of the camera.

With the thought of perhaps being the next Matt Granger or Ken Rockwell, they spend hours testing the camera and announce to everyone on the forum that they are working on a review.  Of course, by this time, anyone who has not ordered one, has already read reviews that have been on the internet for some time now.  For the folks who already have one in their hands, it would be a waste of time to read the review since they have the real McCoy in their hands already.

Just yesterday, i was reading one forum members blog about his progress in writing his review.  He pointed out that there was a little quirk with the X-T1 when shooting at 51,800 ISO.  Yes, that is right, FIFTY ONE THOUSAND EIGHT HUNDRED.  Now, i commend the guy for writing his own review, good for him.  But seriously, who the hell shoots at 51,800 ISO???  What was the quirk?  Well, he felt that the camera slowed down when continuously shooting at 51,800 ISO.  Okay, thanks for sharing.  When you actually shoot at 51,800 ISO in the real world, please tell us.

Anyhow, i will not be writing about the X-T1 since there are so many other sources out there already.  Honestly, i could not contribute anything that has not already been covered.  More to the point, i don’t even own the camera and don’t plan on getting one.

Unlike the folks who clamored to get the first units and threw their existing cameras aside, i am going to stick with my XP1.  I am past the phase of, “I have to have the latest thing and when i do have it, i will start to complain that it is not what the next generation of camera should/will be.”

The X-T1 has been hyped up so much.  If you go to any Fuji forum, that is all that you really read about.  From what i have been able to gather, it is a great camera.  As a Fuji lover and as someone who maintains a blog, do i really need to write about it?  No.

Happy shooting


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