A Little Monday Morning Pick Me Up :)

Be happy and forget about the “first world problems”.

The below video was put together by the United Nations for The International Day of Happiness.  After the worlds biggest Typhoon in history, you would think people’s spirit would be crushed.  Not so.

The Filipino spirit is amazing.

Happy shooting!

The New Montreal Planetarium, Montreal, Que.

The Montreal Planetarium is always a destination for school trips.  I remember going there when i was in high school.

Before moving out to the Olympic park, the planetarium used to be situated in downtown Montreal south of St. Jacques street, just behind Citizenship & Immigration Canada.

When i went to visit the new facilities last year in March, the interior of the planetarium was still not finished.  This meant that we were not able to visit the whole building.  However, we got a pretty good idea of what the finished product was going to be like.

The photos below were taken with a D5100 and a 18-55mm Nikkor lens.











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Taking Off From Chek Lap Kok, Hong Kong

Here is my video of my flight leaving Hong Kong.  I am aboard Air Canada flight AC16 going to YYZ (Toronto).  The aircraft is a Boeing 777-200LR.

To view the video, just click on the link below.  It will take you to my DropBox where the video will appear.  All you have to do from there, is press the play button.


Hope you enjoy.

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Be Careful Where You Stow Your DSLR While On The Flight Deck

Being a bit of an aviation nut, i go to certain websites in order to read articles.  One website i frequent quite a bit, is Flightglobal.com.  It is a great website, full of information about commercial, business, private and military aviation.

On the most part, i find myself reading articles about the business of aviation, trends and technology.  Every once in a while, i come across an article that leaves me with that “wow” factor and that happened today.

Many pilots these days will bring their cameras to the office, which is the flight deck.  They will either take videos of themselves flying or take pictures of other aircraft passing by.  I thank all pilots who do this, because it gives me and others a perspective we will never experience.

Before i go on and share the article, you have to understand one major difference between Boeing aircraft and Airbus aircraft.  In an Airbus, their is no yoke.  Airbus uses “sidesticks” instead.  In a Boeing, you will find the traditional yoke.  This will be important to understand when reading the artilce.

Without further ado, here is the article:


Pretty scary.  To think that a DSLR could bring down an Airbus A330, all because it was left in the wrong place.  I would imagine the pilot received a good, stern talking to.

Please stow your gear properly.

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My Nephew In The Philippines

My Nephew in the Philippines stopped by my blog today and left a few comments, as well as shared his own photography website: (https://www.facebook.com/RNLDChrstphr)

I remember the last time we saw each other in the Philippines.  He was so grown up from the last time i had seen him and it was nice to see how responsible he was being.

I am really happy to see that he has picked up a hobby that he enjoys and is passionate about.  Having no father and being the eldest among 6 kids, he had to do a lot of growing up really fast.  He could have gone two ways: be the responsible, older brother or be a lost cause with no direction.  It’s not hard to lose kids to the streets in the heart of Manila.

He is finishing up school, has photography as a hobby, is part of a band and seems to have a good group of people around him.  I can never replace his father; but as a dad myself, i am very proud of him.

Please visit his website and enjoy some photos from the Philippines.  Personally, i really like his style of putting the subject off to one side and having the background blown out.

Happy shooting!

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!!

The 191st annual Saint Patrick’s Day Parade in Montreal, Quebec.  Everyone’s Irish on St. Paddy’s day!

These photos were taken with the X10.  I just did not want to walk around with a camera bag today.  Therefore, i took the X10, 2 spare batteries, lens hood and an extra memory card.  A very light kit indeed.

As much as i like the results, i do believe that i have been spoiled very much by shooting with my XP1 exclusively for a while now.  Today was the first day that i shot only with my X10.

The reason why i said that i have been spoiled with the XP1, is because upon closer inspection, i have noticed that the photos are somewhat grainy.  The grain may be apparent because i did crop them somewhat, but even the originals are somewhat grainy.  Honestly, i have caught myself pixel peeping.  I also think that i have been spoiled by the APS-C, 16mp, X-Trans sensor of the the XP1.

Because of the fact that the sun was just rising over the buildings, i did experience some lens flare on some of the photos.

I must admit that i was somewhat quick in taking these photos, which is an issue for me at times.  I really have to learn to slow down, look at the scene, think of my cameras settings, compose, shoot.  Some days i just don’t have some of the ingredients in that recipe.

DSCF3287                           DSCF3289

DSCF3291                           DSCF3293

DSCF3295                           DSCF3297

DSCF3299                           DSCF3300

DSCF3301                           DSCF3302

DSCF3303                           DSCF3304

DSCF3306                                       DSCF3308

DSCF3309                           DSCF3310

DSCF3314                           DSCF3315

DSCF3316                           DSCF3319

DSCF3320                           DSCF3322

DSCF3323                           DSCF3325

DSCF3327                           DSCF3333

DSCF3336                           DSCF3337


United Express (Continental Livery)


Photo taken with a Nikon D3000 and a Nikkor 55-200.

The above aircraft is an Embraer ERJ-145LR of United Express.  United Express is the regional airline brand name of United Airlines.  October 1, 2010, United Airlines and Continental Airlines merged, hence the mixed livery on the above aircraft.

540 aircraft fly under the United Express brand name.  Those aircraft are divided up among 11 airlines, who in turn fly under the United Express banner.

United Express has destinations all across Canada, the USA, Mexico and the Bahamas.

Happy shooting!

The Ice Hotel, Quebec City, Quebec

I have posted photos of the ice hotel before, but apparently the hotel changes every year.  Therefore, since it does change each year, there is new photo ops each year.

The general layout of the hotel and it’s size seemed to be the same, but they had changed the theme for the ice slide.

Honestly, i would never pay money to stay in this thing.  I just don’t get the appeal.

Photos taken with XP1 & 35mm.

Uhhhh, yeah, a bit of a FUBAR on the custom white balance with these two photos.  Though, in a way, they kind of have an old “film” look.  Okay, i really can’t save them by propping them up:













Mmmmmm, beeeerr………..

XPRO1255   These guys did not do much.


This is the new theme in the slide area: “Frozen”, the movie.




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