Do You Remember What 2MP Files Look Like? An Early “Throw Back Thursday” Post.

I always find it interesting to look at photos i took years ago.  It gets more interesting when i go back further than 3 years.

For this premiere post for “Throw Back Thursdays”, i will be going all the way back to 2006.

Botanical Gardens 010

Back in 2006, i owned a Fuji Finepix A205.  A wonderful little digital camera that possessed a 2mp sensor that produced files that were no bigger then 100kb or so.  Pretty mind blowing.

The photos in this blog, are of the Montreal Botanical Gardens.  They were taken in July of 2006, 7 months before my daughter was born.

Botanical Gardens 011

Botanical Gardens 012

Botanical Gardens 015

Looking back at these pictures, i can honestly say that the little A205 was not a bad camera at all.  The photos seem to be a tad overexposed, but nothing drastic.

Botanical Gardens 019

Botanical Gardens 028

Botanical Gardens 029

The highlights and shadows in the photos seem to be under control for the most part – there is slight clipping in some of the photos.

Botanical Gardens 030

Botanical Gardens 031

Botanical Gardens 032

The colors seem to be rendered okay, but do seem to be flat in some instances.

Botanical Gardens 036

Botanical Gardens 037

Botanical Gardens 038

I don’t believe there was any attempt to concentrate on composition with any of these photos.  I saw something and i took a photo of it, that was the extent of my efforts with these photos.

None of the photos were post processed in anyway.  I had no clue what photo editing was all about back in 2006.

Botanical Gardens 040

Botanical Gardens 041

Botanical Gardens 042

It was nice to look at these photos again.  It brings back some great memories, specifically the fact that my wife found out that she was pregnant around this time.

Furthermore, the A205 was my very first digital camera and my very first experience with Fuji.  I had a lot of fun with that camera and captured many memories with it.

Botanical Gardens 043

Botanical Gardens 044

Photos are a fundamental aspect of our own personal history.  Don’t forget about those photos from years ago, even if they may not be so good.

Botanical Gardens 047

Happy shooting


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