And You Thought Fuji X Cameras Were “Retro”…


…think again.

While coming home the other day on the bus, i noticed this girl sitting down and holding quite a colorful box.  It was not a very big box, perhaps the size a square tissue box, maybe slightly bigger.

On the side of the box, there was some writing, which said, “Impossible Presents Carefully Refurbished Instant Cameras”.  Hmmmmmm, that is interesting i thought.  Refurbished instant cameras, what could that mean?

When i got home, i immediatley Googled the words and found out that some people just can’t let the past die!

So, what is this “Impossible Presents… ” yada yada yada (can’t be bothered to spell it all out) about?  Apparently, it is a company that decided to buy one of the last remaining factories that made Polaroid film in the Netherlands.  Not only that, but they sell refurbished Polaroid cameras!

The company:

The refurbished cameras:

The film:

I am not going to re-hash the whole story of the company, i am sure you can read.  It’s an interesting concept, one that has obviously revived a camera system that i thought was long dead.

I can see the attraction of the Polaroid to those who like all those Instagram “filters”.  What do they call those people? Hipsters or something?  I mean, hey, if you really want to go retro, a refurbished Polaroid camera can’t really be beat.  However, i don’t think i would be able to contain my laughter if i ever saw someone shooting with one.

Anyhow, i don’t think i will be investing my money into the “impossible project”.  I am not that desperate to go that “retro” and i would rather spend hundreds of dollars on more modern technology.

Happy shooting


2 thoughts on “And You Thought Fuji X Cameras Were “Retro”…

  1. I can’t imagine anyone getting nostalgic for this kind of thing. Those old Polaroid photos faded and lost their colour so quickly in any kind of conditions, even sitting in a dark box in a closet somewhere.


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