My Fuji X-Pro1 So Far

I have had my Fuji XP1 since September 24th, 2013; therefore, it has been almost 6 months that i have been shooting with it.  At this point in time, i have perhaps around 1200 actuations on the camera.  I can not give you an exact number because the XP1 has no “shutter counter”.

In all honesty, i can not say anything really negative about the camera.  There really is not anything that negatively impacts my photography or my ability to take photos. Though, obviously, there is no such thing as “perfect”.

Here is a small list of gripes:

– Battery life needs a slight improvement

– SD card is a bit of a pain to get out, but no big deal.  It would be made easier if the compartment door was hinged on the side.

– Offset tripod socket (this can be fixed by buying the grip) which contributes to a QR plate blocking the battery/SD card compartment door.

– Threaded shutter button.  Sorry, but this is so unnecessary in today’s day and age.

There you go.  Really nothing major at all.  None of the little “gripes” above hinders my photography whatsoever.

I have shot my XP1 in -33 Celsius and in the plus twenties.  No hiccups at all.  I have never had the camera choke, freeze, stall, quit, not turn on, not turn off……  nothing.  It has worked flawlessly since day one.  The two firmware updates that i have applied in the last 6 months, have gone off without a hitch.

The XP1 was never designed to be a speed demon.  It was designed with the intention of the photographer to take their time in shooting their photos.  It’s not a DSLR and was never intended to replace a DSLR in regards to focus speed or focus tracking.

With my style of photography, there would be no reason to go back to a DSLR.  I am extremely happy with the XP1 and it’s performance.  2014 will be the year that i start to add lenses to build up my kit.

Happy shooting



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