Fuji X Cameras Are Not “Toys”

Quite some time ago when i switched over to the Fuji X system and dumped my Nikon stuff, i said my farewell to the Nikon forum that i had frequented.

One prominent member said some kind words to me and then confessed that they had also been looking into mirror less cameras.  I told them to check out the the Fuji cameras and they replied that they had done so already.  In the end, they stated they liked toys as well (referring to the Fuji cameras), but will stick with their DSLR.  Fair enough, but “toys”?

I am sure that a few people out there in the world wide web, think that i am Anti-DSLR or that i bash DSLRs every chance i get.  That can not be any further from the truth.  Sure, i like to “bash” DSLRs once in a while, but it’s all in jest.  In reference to my last post, if it is the right tool for you, great.

To be honest, if anyone kind enough would walk up to me with a brand-new, in the box, D7100… i would take it out of your hands before you could say “Nikon”.  I am not sure what i would do with it, but i would gladly accept the gift.  Perhaps i could make it into a dedicated plane spotting rig.  I surely would not turn my nose up at it. (There is a “Contact Me” form at the bottom of this post if anyone wants to give me a DSLR.  I have no shame)

I know perfectly well what a DSLR can and cannot do.  I am not ignorant in that regards.  This is only because i have owned several DSLRs myself.  Though, there is a difference in being ignorant and wanting to stay ignorant.  This all goes back to that “toy” comment.

Bigger does not mean better:

There is a great misconception among people who know next to nothing about cameras, even among people who have been around cameras for years.  This misconception stems from the belief that if a camera is big and bulky (DSLR), it must take far better pictures than a smaller camera (Fuji X100s for example).

Take a look at what Samsung did one day:


People’s perception is skewed.  One of the many reasons for this, is the fact that every time they see a “pro” with a camera, it is one of those big, black ones.  If a “pro” is using it, it must take the best photos.

However, the game has changed drastically in the last 3 years.

What are the “pros” using these days?:

From what i see, “pros” use a mixed bag of cameras; but on the most part, “pros” still use a DSLR as their main camera.  Though, some “pros” are putting aside their DSLR (some completely, some on occassion) and are picking up an X camera.

There are some notable photographers, such as David Hobby & Zach Arias, who have either gone completely X or have decided to use an X camera as one of their main tools.  On the most part, from my observations, the X100(s) is the more popular choice for the “pros” when they choose an X camera.

Of course, there are plenty of “pros” who use a Fuji X camera, not just David & Zach.  You only have to go onto Fuji forums to see that plenty of people who make a living with their camera, have started to use a Fuji X camera exclusively or on occasion.  To the dismay of some DSLR snobs, pro wedding photographers are starting to use Fuji X cameras to shoot weddings.  The sky is falling!

X100S vs Canon 5DMKIII:

What i am wanting to illustrate with this article that i found:

http://www.kenrockwell.com/tech/comparisons/2014-01-08-5d3-vs-x100s/index.htm, is the fact that Fuji X cameras are not toys & size is deceptive.

I am not trying to belittle the Canon by sharing this article. No no. I think it is a wonderful camera and it is a great tool for the professional photographer.

Further, i am by no means sharing this article to say that the X100s is a better camera.

The whole point of me sharing this article, is to ullustrate that the X100S, a high-end compact camera, can hold it’s own to a full frame, pro-grade, $3,500 DSLR.  In other words, the X100S is no toy and neither is any other X camera.

Of course, as Kenny has pointed out in his article, there are some variables playing against the Canon.  However, those variables will not change for the better any time soon; therefore, it is what it is.

Interpret it as you want.  In the end, there is no denying the fact that the Fuji X cameras are not “toys” and can hold their own against pro DSLRs (remember the variables) in regards to image quality.

This is not the only time that i have come across people concluding that their X camera can hold up to their pro-grade DSLR in regards to IQ.  I have read the same sentiments on a few Fuji forums as well.  Does it mean that the Fuji is a better camera?  No.  It just means the the X cameras are a force to be reckoned with and should not be seen as “toys”.

Professional photographers are starting to use X cameras as their main rig or they are picking up an X camera rather than their DSLR for certain occasions.  It can not be denied, because the proof is out there.

Happy shooting