The Disabled Canada Goose On The St. Lawrence River

Since last summer, I have been meaning to post these photos up.  For some reason, today of all days, I remembered my encounter with a disabled Canadian Goose on the banks of the St. Lawrence.


On a beautiful, sunny day, I decided to take a trip down to Ile St. Helene for a photo trek.  While walking along the path that runs parallel with the water, I noticed at least 50 geese sitting under the De La Concorde bridge, not far from the shore.


One particular goose caught my eye.  He was all by his lonesome, perched on a rock.  It seemed strange that this one goose was sitting there, all by himself, while everyone else was at least 20 feet away.


Out of curiosity and wanting to get a photo of him, I made my way down the small cliff and onto the rocky beach where the goose was standing.

I started to take photos of him and as I did, I was able to get closer and closer to him.  As I got within 6-8 feet of him, I noticed that he had not even flinched.  He made no attempt to fly away or even get into the water to get away from me.  This was very strange I thought.


As I made my way to the other side of him, I finally realized why he was not moving or making any attempt to get away from me: his left wing was injured.

It was just drooping down by his side, as if it was broken.  He did manage to pick it up a few times, but only to drop it down again.


I took some photos of his injured wing and in the end, I managed to get within about 5 feet of him.


When I got home, I searched the internet for wild life rescue organizations here in Montreal.  I was able to find one and I sent them an email with the photos I had taken.

Till this day, I have not heard back from them and I have no idea what happened to that goose.  I suppose if no one went to help him out, he probably did not make it.  I can’t imagine that he would survive without being able to fly or get into the water.


Who dares wins.

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