NAV Canada

Every time you land & takeoff safely, you can give some thanks to NAV Canada.  Back in 1996, the Government of Canada handed over all Air Navigation Services from Transport Canada, to NAV Canada in a $1.5 billion deal.

NAV Canada employs 2000 ATC (Air Traffic Control)  personnel, 800 flight service specialists and 700 technologists.  This group of men & women manage 12 million aircraft movements a year, for 40 thousand customers.  Their oversight covers 18 million square kilometers, making NAV Canada the second largest ANSP in the world in terms of volume.

The only funding that NAV Canada receives, is funding from publicly traded debt and service charges to aircraft operators.  It receives no Government funding.

The below photos were taken with the Nikon D3000 and the 55-200mm.

Here is NAV Canada’s Dash 8-102.  These guys were making sure the ILS was calibrated and operating properly on 10-28.




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