Do You Remember What 2MP Files Look Like? An Early “Throw Back Thursday” Post.

I always find it interesting to look at photos i took years ago.  It gets more interesting when i go back further than 3 years.

For this premiere post for “Throw Back Thursdays”, i will be going all the way back to 2006.

Botanical Gardens 010

Back in 2006, i owned a Fuji Finepix A205.  A wonderful little digital camera that possessed a 2mp sensor that produced files that were no bigger then 100kb or so.  Pretty mind blowing.

The photos in this blog, are of the Montreal Botanical Gardens.  They were taken in July of 2006, 7 months before my daughter was born.

Botanical Gardens 011

Botanical Gardens 012

Botanical Gardens 015

Looking back at these pictures, i can honestly say that the little A205 was not a bad camera at all.  The photos seem to be a tad overexposed, but nothing drastic.

Botanical Gardens 019

Botanical Gardens 028

Botanical Gardens 029

The highlights and shadows in the photos seem to be under control for the most part – there is slight clipping in some of the photos.

Botanical Gardens 030

Botanical Gardens 031

Botanical Gardens 032

The colors seem to be rendered okay, but do seem to be flat in some instances.

Botanical Gardens 036

Botanical Gardens 037

Botanical Gardens 038

I don’t believe there was any attempt to concentrate on composition with any of these photos.  I saw something and i took a photo of it, that was the extent of my efforts with these photos.

None of the photos were post processed in anyway.  I had no clue what photo editing was all about back in 2006.

Botanical Gardens 040

Botanical Gardens 041

Botanical Gardens 042

It was nice to look at these photos again.  It brings back some great memories, specifically the fact that my wife found out that she was pregnant around this time.

Furthermore, the A205 was my very first digital camera and my very first experience with Fuji.  I had a lot of fun with that camera and captured many memories with it.

Botanical Gardens 043

Botanical Gardens 044

Photos are a fundamental aspect of our own personal history.  Don’t forget about those photos from years ago, even if they may not be so good.

Botanical Gardens 047

Happy shooting


Firmware 3.20 For The Fuji X-Pro1

Recently, Fuji released a firmware update for some of their cameras, including the X-Pro1.

Version 3.20 of their firmware is really not a major release, for it only applies to people who have or will be getting, the 56mm lens.

Here is the link to the firmware update:

As i always stress with these firmware updates, read the instructions carefully and follow all the steps.

Happy shooting

New Category Added

I had someone tell me once that they liked my “black & white” photos.  I thought about this and realized that i do have quite a few “b&w” photo sets, but they are a bit scattered among all the other posts.

Sure, someone can use the search feature on my blog, but why make people do extra work when they don’t have to.  More to the point, i want my blog to be easy to navigate.

Therefore, i created a new category called, “Greyscale Photography”.  Yes, i know, i am being technical, but that is what “black & white” photography really is.

Anyhow, it is a genre of photography that i am just learning and i am enjoying it.

Happy shooting

And You Thought Fuji X Cameras Were “Retro”…


…think again.

While coming home the other day on the bus, i noticed this girl sitting down and holding quite a colorful box.  It was not a very big box, perhaps the size a square tissue box, maybe slightly bigger.

On the side of the box, there was some writing, which said, “Impossible Presents Carefully Refurbished Instant Cameras”.  Hmmmmmm, that is interesting i thought.  Refurbished instant cameras, what could that mean?

When i got home, i immediatley Googled the words and found out that some people just can’t let the past die!

So, what is this “Impossible Presents… ” yada yada yada (can’t be bothered to spell it all out) about?  Apparently, it is a company that decided to buy one of the last remaining factories that made Polaroid film in the Netherlands.  Not only that, but they sell refurbished Polaroid cameras!

The company:

The refurbished cameras:

The film:

I am not going to re-hash the whole story of the company, i am sure you can read.  It’s an interesting concept, one that has obviously revived a camera system that i thought was long dead.

I can see the attraction of the Polaroid to those who like all those Instagram “filters”.  What do they call those people? Hipsters or something?  I mean, hey, if you really want to go retro, a refurbished Polaroid camera can’t really be beat.  However, i don’t think i would be able to contain my laughter if i ever saw someone shooting with one.

Anyhow, i don’t think i will be investing my money into the “impossible project”.  I am not that desperate to go that “retro” and i would rather spend hundreds of dollars on more modern technology.

Happy shooting

Updates On “Church Interiors” Category

When i first started to post photos to my blog, i was posting very small photos.  This was not very pleasing to the viewer because all they got when they click on the photo, was this tiny little 2 x 3 JPEG.  You were not able to see any detail and if you tried to blow it up, all resolution was lost.

Well, i found the time to re-do those posts by posting bigger JPEGs; therefore, giving you a better viewing experience.

Here are the posts that i updated:

Enjoy better resolution!

Happy shooting

A Windy, Saturday Afternoon Walk

It is very windy here, but only 5 degrees Celsius with sunny skies.  Again, it was hard to resist going outside to take a walk.  Today, i decided to go down to the golf course and take a few photos.

When i got to the main entrance, i noticed a sign saying, “No Trespassing”.  Though, as i looked over the snow covered golf course, i noticed people had been cross-country skiing and snow shoeing.  Over the fence i went.  If i was stopped by someone, i at least had an argument that many other people came there.

I would have liked to of walked further, but the snow was so soft from the warm weather and rain, that i was sinking down to just below my knee.

All photos taken with XP1 & 35mm.







My Fuji X-Pro1 So Far

I have had my Fuji XP1 since September 24th, 2013; therefore, it has been almost 6 months that i have been shooting with it.  At this point in time, i have perhaps around 1200 actuations on the camera.  I can not give you an exact number because the XP1 has no “shutter counter”.

In all honesty, i can not say anything really negative about the camera.  There really is not anything that negatively impacts my photography or my ability to take photos. Though, obviously, there is no such thing as “perfect”.

Here is a small list of gripes:

– Battery life needs a slight improvement

– SD card is a bit of a pain to get out, but no big deal.  It would be made easier if the compartment door was hinged on the side.

– Offset tripod socket (this can be fixed by buying the grip) which contributes to a QR plate blocking the battery/SD card compartment door.

– Threaded shutter button.  Sorry, but this is so unnecessary in today’s day and age.

There you go.  Really nothing major at all.  None of the little “gripes” above hinders my photography whatsoever.

I have shot my XP1 in -33 Celsius and in the plus twenties.  No hiccups at all.  I have never had the camera choke, freeze, stall, quit, not turn on, not turn off……  nothing.  It has worked flawlessly since day one.  The two firmware updates that i have applied in the last 6 months, have gone off without a hitch.

The XP1 was never designed to be a speed demon.  It was designed with the intention of the photographer to take their time in shooting their photos.  It’s not a DSLR and was never intended to replace a DSLR in regards to focus speed or focus tracking.

With my style of photography, there would be no reason to go back to a DSLR.  I am extremely happy with the XP1 and it’s performance.  2014 will be the year that i start to add lenses to build up my kit.

Happy shooting