Camera Fondling

If there were a law against camera fondling, I would be behind bars right now.

After taking my photos inside Christ Church Cathedral, I made my way down to a nearby electronics store.  Naturally, I gravitated towards the camera section of the store.  Four to six months ago, the area of the camera section that featured the higher end cameras, only featured DSLRs.

Today, it is a different story.

As I walked down the aisle looking at some of the antiques….. ooops, sorry, I meant to say DSLRs, I noticed a nice little patch of mirror-less cameras sitting there, begging me to come over to them.  I could not resist the call to go over and look at some of the latest gear out in the camera world right now.


Sitting there, just begging to be picked up and looked at, were: a Sony A7, an Olympus OM-D EM-5, a Fuji X-A1 and a Fuji X-M1.  I must admit, I went for the Sony A7 first.  I just had to handle it and see what it felt like.  Obviously, 2 minutes with a camera is not enough to enable me to write any sort of detailed review.

After getting a feel of the A7, I picked up the Oly.  One thing that I took away from holding both the Sony and the Oly, was that they are very small cameras, especially so the Oly.  The A7, which is a full frame camera, looked like a small compact camera when put next to even a Nikon APS-C DSLR.  Quite amazing if you ask me.


I briefly inspected the two Fujis that were on display and I found both of them to be very well built; though, not really comparable to my X10 or XP1, which have full metal bodies.  I can certainly see the appeal of the X-A1 & X-M1 to people who want something to travel with.

Though not really the latest in mirror-less cameras, there was a Sony Nex 5r and Nex 3n on display as well.  These are very nice compact cameras as well and I was amazed at how small the bodies were considering they have APS-C sensors.

It was a nice treat to be able to actually handle all of these cameras, rather then just reading about them.

Happy shooting


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