The Fuji X-T1

In another 8 days, Fuji is going to officially announce a brand new camera.  It is all but confirmed that this new camera will be called the X-T1 and more & more information is coming out about it each day.

I already covered the X-T1 in a previous post.  But, since then, actual photos of the real camera have been unveiled, by Fujifilm themselves.  Prior to these photos, there were quite a few people posting “mock-up” photos online.  Maybe Fuji should shut down it’s marketing department, because the rumor sites do an excellent job at promoting upcoming products.

Here is the first official photo of the X-T1 and it can be found here:


Are you looking at this Nikon??  This is Digital Fusion baby!  Not your (Nikon) interpretation of DF, which is more like Disappointing Fusion.

This is one sexy looking camera and it is done just right.  Congratulations Fuji.

As the photo states, the X-T1 will be announced on the 28th of this month.  The rumored MSRP of the camera is 180,000 Yen, which converts to $1894.80 and this is for the body only (keep in mind that doing straight conversions like this, is not necessarily the right way to get the exact MSRP of the camera when it hits your country).  Apparently, it will be in stores (Japan only? or all major markets?) by the middle of February.  The lens that it will be kitted up with, will be the 18-55.

What? The 18-55!!  Is this a Canikon move by Fuji?  No, I don’t think so.  As I have explained in a previous post about the 18-55, this lens is no Canikon, plastic “kit” lens.

Yes, I know, it is not weather sealed either.  For a weather sealed lens, you will have to wait for the 18-135, which is rumored to be the first, weather-sealed XF lens.

Here is a complete run down of the specs (rumored) as they stand now:

-weather sealed body

-bigger & better EVF

-X Trans II, 16mp APS-C sensor

-support for the UHS-II SD card (dual card slot has been confirmed)

-tilt screen

-built in Wi-Fi

-SLR styled body, as can be seen in the above photo

-rumored to be smaller than the X-E2

-additional battery grip optional

-interval timer function

-faster AF then the X-E2?

The camera is not even out yet and the above photo is the only official photo we have of the camera.  Yet, people on the interweb are already nit picking about it.  Unbelievable.

Here are a few complaints that I have read:

No threaded shutter button?...”

That shutter button looks hard to press…”

That red button is in an awkward position…”

In regards to the threaded shutter button, I am happy that they have done away with it on the X-T1.  Instead of being slightly pretentious by trying to be Leica “like”, a good solid shutter button is welcomed.  Besides, I really don’t think a soft release would fit in with the design of the X-T1, which is not very retro.

The shutter button is in the same place as with all X cameras.  However, the EV dial on the X-T1 is not recessed into the top plate like it is on the X-Pro1.  Though, I really don’t see it being an issue.  When you press the shutter button, your finger is bent anyhow (clearing the EV dial) and is not laying flat across the top.

I don’t see a problem with the red button, which I assume is a video-record button.  It is good that it is somewhat out of the way, since you don’t want to accidentally press it.

More nit picking to follow, I am sure.

From what I have read and seen, it looks to be a promising camera.  Though, it is a bit of an odd ball amongst all the retro styled X cameras.  But, I am sure that will not detract people who are aware of the X series yumminess from buying the camera.  I am looking forward to seeing the rest of the camera.

Happy shooting


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