The Evolution Of A DSLR Shooter


I found the above banner on the Fujifilm UK site and thought it to be very interesting.  If you know anything about the Fuji X world, you will know that many people who transition to the X system, go through these exact phases.

From what I have been reading, many of the people coming over to the X system are experienced photographers.  They have been taking part in this medium called “photography”, for decades. They have used everything from P&S cameras, to medium format and everything in between.  Though, the main camera that they have used, has been a DSLR.

When they come into the X universe, they are holding their DSLRs close to their body, as if to say, “I am not going to give this up!”.  You see, they are so familiar and attached to DSLR, that there seems to be a marriage, a romance, between man and camera.

Though, as they gradually taste the yumminess of the X system, their death grip on DSLR loosens up.  That yumminess starts to fire all the photographic neurons in their brain and they become eager for more.

As time moves on and as they fondle their X camera more, it becomes their second love, like a mistress, dressed up in retro clothing that was designed in Japan.  DSLR sits there, looking on at this new love affair and starts to feel dejected.  Sooner or later, an appearance in camera-divorce court is imminent.

The dates with the little Japanese mistress become more frequent.  The photographer starts to realize what he has been missing from all those years of using DSLR: the passion, the ease, the fire, the desire to take photographs.

It starts to become more apparent that the new girlfriend is living up to expectations and even going above & beyond.  Those lovely Fuji colors are there, the sharpness is there, the dynamic range is there, the low light performance is there and the functionality is there.

DSLR is going on less dates.

One thing that is noticed, is that the Japanese mistress is not as fast as DSLR, especially in regards to AF.  Though, that is alright.  Miss. X likes to take her time to focus on her subjects in order to get everything right.  She wants the full potential of the X Trans sensor to come out in those JPEGs that she will produce for you.

Feeling sorry for lonely DSLR, sitting on a shelf collecting dust, Photographer takes her out on a date.  They go to a wedding shoot, but DSLR is only taken to impress the clients who naively believe that a Pro should have a big bulky camera in order to work a wedding.  Despite this, DSLR is still happy that she can do some work and remind Photographer what she is capable of doing.

In the end, Photographer is happy with the results that DSLR has given him, but that is nothing new.  At the same moment, Photographer starts to realise that he could have obtained the same results with Miss. X and her wonderful Fujinon lenses.

It’s not long before DSLR is sold to the highest bidder and the divorce is final.  With the proceeds from the sale of DSLR, he is able to invest more into Miss. X and she is quite happy to accept all the pampering: more lenses, leather case, new bag…  she is being spoilt by Photographer now and she loves it.

As the weeks go by without DSLR making him feel guilty for leaving her behind, Photographer starts to go against the grain and uses Miss. X for all his wedding shoots.  Clients do give him a few weird looks; but when they see the results, they quickly abandon all the naïve notions they held before about DSLR.

Photographer has all but forgotten about DSLR and has moved on to a new chapter in his photo taking life with Miss. X.  In the end, the proposition is made by Photographer and Miss. X becomes Mrs. X.

The end

Thanks for looking.

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8 thoughts on “The Evolution Of A DSLR Shooter

  1. Moi aussi, je suis sur le même chemin. J’utilise beaucoup le X100s et je suis sur le point d’acheter un Xpro1 quand j’aurai trouvé le financement. Mais je pense que je ne me séparerai pas de mon 5D2 car lorsque je le prends en main, je ressens encore des frissons!


    1. Merci pour votre commentaire. Le Xpro1 est un appareil photo merveilleuse. Le prix a été beaucoup réduite dans les deux derniers mois. Le 5D2 est un superbe appareil photo. Si vous êtes à l’aise avec elle, vous devriez garder.


  2. What a great post. Describes exactly what happened to me during the last months since I bought the landlady of X-manor. I wasn’t new to the X-world as I owned the X100 for two years, but of course the X100 never was a full replacement for my multiple lens dSLR-system. Today my fully equipped Canon is spending more and more time in the locker and if I use it then its happening for two reasons: AF-speed and to impress customers with its bulkiness.

    In the old analogue days (as well as today) you could find photographers relying completely on their handy high-performance Leica system. And I guess that Zack Arias was absolutely right when he claimed “Fuji is the new Leica.” At least for the X-Pro1 I totally agree.

    Regards from Munich


  3. You strike few chords here. During my niece’s wedding, the professional was take shots using flash gun and he kept on telling me that I have a good camera for home (meaning for non-professional work). He could not fathom that I could be taking better looking pictures without a flash.
    Well written post.


    1. Yes and that is what a lot of people are naïve about. Many people think a bigger camera, will give better results. Thanks for the kind words. I wrote the post out of fun after seeing the picture on the Fuji UK site.


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