Canon Elura 100

I have mentioned the Canon Elura 100 a few times in my most recent posts.  I bought this video camera back in mid 2006, before my daughter was born.  I bought the kit, which included the camera & all accessories, 1 extra battery, a DV tape and a very nice leather bag.


When I bought the camera back in 2006, I was so very smitten with it.  It was the most advanced camera that I had bought yet and it gave me the opportunity to follow my wife’s pregnancy, as well as the birth and hospitalization of my daughter.

It’s a far better video camera then a still photo camera, obviously.  However, for what it is, the still photography part of the camera is not all that bad.  Mind you, todays mobile phones can do far better and this would not be worth anyone’s time or money right now.

However, I do believe that the video function of the camera is still relevant in this day and age.  The camera records on MiniDV tapes, as well as SD cards.  For me, MiniDV still gives you very good video quality.  Yes, I know, it probably does not hold up against all the new fangled gear of today, but it holds it’s own.

Here are the specs:

-1.5″ CCD Sensor, 1.3mp (approx.)

-Total pixels on tape <4:3 – 690,000

16:9, IS off – 880,000

16:9, IS on – 750,000

Card <approx. 1,000,000

-Tape format: DV

-Recording time: 80min on SP, 120min on LP

-Lens: 3mm to 60mm, f/1.8-3.6, 20x zoom

-27mm filter

-Viewfinder: 0.33″, 113,000 pixels

-LCD: 2.7″, 123,000 pixels

Overall, a pretty decent little video camera for it’s time.

I have not really used it that much since I got into DSLRs and Fuji X cameras.  Both my Fuji cameras can do decent video and my Nikon DSLRs did decent video as well.  Therefore, I am not sure where that leaves the poor little Canon Elura…

I tried selling it, but no one was interested.  I was a little surprised at this, since I was not selling it for all that much.  But I suppose when everyone has video on their phones & cameras these days (despite the poor quality on most devices), people don’t care much about a dedicated video camera anymore.

Anyhow, it now sits in my desk drawer, doing nothing.  Perhaps one day I will take it out again and do some video.  Happy shooting



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