Some Random Thoughts…

… or these could be some resolutions for 2014.  Though, I really don’t believe in resolutions.  If you really want to do something, set a goal and strive towards it.  Why does it have to take a new year for people to meet certain goals?  I don’t understand.

Anyhow, I have come to the conclusion about certain things and one of them is to quit internet forums.  I am not quite sure if it is me or the forums themselves, but we just don’t get along with each other.  I would say it is a mutual break-up.

I tend to defend my position very passionately and people don’t seem to like that.  However, what some people may not understand, is that I am extremely calm and collected when I post on forums.  Though, people will always misunderstand the exact tone in which you are writing in.  In the end, you are left defending yourself from all sides, just because you stated your opinion.  It’s not worth my time anymore.

My second thought is, should I take some sort of photography course?

I have only been serious about photography since the spring of 2011.  Before that, I could not care about f stops, ISO or shutter speed.  I have always been honest when it comes to my photography; that is to say, I do not promote myself to be anything more then someone who likes the medium.  Yes, I do own a camera that has the word “Pro” on it and I feel it is a tad pretentious, but I am not prepared to deface my camera just because Fuji thought it a good idea to “brand” their cameras this way.

Obviously, I have a Mount Everest amount to learn about photography.  That is a given.  But to go back to school after all these years?  I just don’t know.  My wife keeps mentioning the courses at a local CEGEP (College) here in Montreal and I keep looking into them.  Though, it does not go any further than me looking at the course description on the schools website.

What do I want out of my photography?  As it stands now, I am very content in enjoying myself taking photographs and sharing them with other people.  I don’t really see any sort of career in photography for myself at this point in time.  Though, taking a course in photography does not necessarily mean that the next step would be a career in the medium.

I just want to shoot.  I don’t really follow any rules of photography (rule of thirds… what’s that?); therefore, I can’t really see myself having to follow instructions on how to take a photo.  I think it would take the fun out of photography as I know it and experience it today.  Besides, everything would probably go in one ear and out the other anyhow.

Not to say that I would not learn anything, of course I would.  I would rather learn when I want to learn.  For example, if I were wanting to learn more about landscape photography, there are many resources online that I can read or watch.

Anyhow, as of now, I am content in how my photographic journey is going.  There is no rush for me and the knowledge that is out there, is not going to disappear over night.  I am having fun and keeping my mind focused, those are the two important factors for me.

My goals (they have been goals for sometime now): stay off internet forums and take better composed photos of the places that I travel to.  Happy shooting.


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