Fujinon XF 56mm f/1.2 R Lens

I am not a lens geek, so I am not 100% sure why this lens is being drooled over by some people in the X world.

If you have $999 you don’t want (or don’t care if you are left broke), the lens is up for pre-order on the major camera sites.  Amazon has it listed as shipping in April.

What kind of photographer is this lens aimed at?: The portrait photographer and I suppose that is who is drooling over it.

From what I have been reading, it is a very nice focal length to use for portraits.  As Fuji puts it, “…offers incredible speed and silence in the studio, perfect for the professional portrait photographer.”

If that still leaves any doubt in your mind at who this lens is aimed at, you only have to read the first sentence of Fuji’s press release, which states, “…the new Fujinon XF 56mm f1.2 R, a premium portrait lens…”.  Any further questions?

As with all other XF lenses, this lens is very well made and will feel & look familiar to people who have handled various XF lenses.  It has a metal mount, metal focus ring and metal aperture ring, which will give you solid “clicks” when you change apertures.  Overall, the lens itself is much smaller than its full frame equivalent, an aspect that will please people having to use this lens all day.

Here is a rundown of the specs:

-11 elements in 8 groups (1 aspherical, 2 extra low dispersion)

-28.5 degree angle of view

-f1.2 to f16 (always wondered why they stopped at 16?)

-7 rounded diaphragm blades

-0.7m minimum focus range

-62mm filter size

-weight of 405 grams

With this lens announcement and the new XF roadmap, Fuji seems to have forgotten about the XC line-up.  Perhaps they will abandon it and stick with two XC lenses only and put all efforts into the XF line.  I don’t mind, as long as they bring down the price of the XF lenses a tad.

I will most likely never own this lens, simply because I could not see a use for it in my style of shooting.  If I really want to take portraits, I have two very capable cameras that can produce very decent results.

Since pros are already using the X’s in studio, I am looking forward to see what they will produce with this 56mm.  Happy shooting.


4 thoughts on “Fujinon XF 56mm f/1.2 R Lens

  1. Forget about my previous comment. Got me the XF 56mm about a month ago. The more I read about the lens the more the idea got fixed inside my head. At the end I just couldn’t resist and man, what an outstanding shard. This will be my favourite toy for a very long time, I know. Thanks for your great review. Always a pleasure reading them.


  2. Well, the two XC lenses have focal coverage from 16 to 230 mm. I guess that for most photographers who are aimed to buy those lenses (amateurs and hobbyists who don’t want to spend a fortune for a simple pastime) this is enough. Maybe Fuji will add some XC fixed focus lenses later on, I don’t know. Honestly, I am also thinking about buying the XF 56mm/F1.2 because of its superb lightstrength, but I have to admit that the 60mm/F2.4 Macro is generally mentioned as a great lens as well. On top I do not have to wait until April for it and it comes for half the money. But I am sure there will be enough people who want that tiny little bit of extra quality for the double price.


    1. Agreed. The XC line does cover a very popular focal range and the folks who use the entry level X’s, may not see the point in having fixed focal length lenses. It’s kind of crazy what people will pay for such negligible differences. Though, some people live by the saying, “He who dies with most toys, wins.”


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