I Have A Full Frame Camera!!

Yes, that is right, I have decided to go full frame.  I became tired of dealing with what my little APS-C X-Trans sensor was giving me.  Therefore, Daddy splurged and treated himself to a New Years gift.

Without further ado, here’s the beast:


Okay, okay, so it is not what you were expecting.  But, it is a full frame camera; that is, it shoots 35mm film and the camera let’s in an area of light measuring 24mm X 36mm.  Yep, it’s full frame!

No, I did not have to splurge either.  This was given to me by someone who had no use for it.  I am thinking I will put a roll of film through it during the summer.

As the lettering on the front of the camera states, this is an Olympus Trip XB41 AF. Ooooooh, sounds sexy doesn’t it? Well, there is not much sexy about this camera.  It’s fully automatic, has a 27mm lens, has a timer, takes two AA batteries, ISO is DX Decoded, autowind & power rewind, auto-flash, sliding lens cover, made in China and it has a tripod socket!  Sorry folks, no in-camera HDR or Geo-Tagging for this camera.

I think the last time I shot film was back in 2002.  This is going to be interesting.


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