From The 25th Floor Of The Chateau Champlain

From the 25th floor of the Chateau Champlain (otherwise known as the “cheese grater”), you have a pretty good view of Montreal.  From my room, I had a nice view of parts of downtown, as well as the west and south of Montreal.

Interesting fact about the Chateau Champlain: the arched-shaped windows that you see on the hotel, are meant to be a visual reference to Windsor Station’s Romanesque Revival arches.   These same windows are also what make some people refer to the building as the “cheese grater”.

Those 47 year old windows posed a problem for me when I was taking photos through them.  You just have to look at the windows at a certain angle and you can see all the faults.  Those faults in the glass are like ripples in a pond after throwing in a rock.  In other words, the glass was not “optically” good.  In addition, they were scuffed up and dirty.

With all the lights in the room off, here is what I got.









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