To SLR Or Not To SLR, That Is The Question.

Yet again, I find myself in one of those “photographers” conundrums: should I by an SLR or not?  Of course, this is not one of those decisions that every “photographer” goes through, but it is one of those, “should I… ?” moments.  Should I get that lens?  Should I get that second camera? Etc.  It leaves you weighing all the pros & cons; while at the same time, looking at your bank account to see if you can afford it.

In this particular case, the money really isn’t the problem.  No, I am not rich.  My “should i” scenario would only cost a couple of hundred bucks.  Pretty cheap in the world of photography.

What’s the big idea:  Okay, so what is it that I am wanting to do?  What I have been thinking about doing, is buying an old film SLR and not the automatic ones either.  What I have been looking at, are cameras like the Canon FTB or the Olympus OM 10.

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Both these cameras can be had for around $60 each, body only.  From my research, both cameras are very good and lenses are readily available for them at cheap prices.

Why do I want to shoot film?:  You might as well ask me why the sky is blue.  I don’t have a straight answer.  I must be crazy to go back nearly 40 years and pick one of these cameras up to put rolls of film through them.  I mean seriously, film??  Developing time? Negatives? What am I thinking.

On top of waiting for the film to be developed, there is obviously the cost to consider.  I figure that every roll of film would cost about $20.  This would include buying it and then having the negatives developed, but not printed.  In regards to negatives, my thought was to buy a scanner with the capability to scan 35mm film (negatives).  From there, I could run the “scans” through Photoshop and print what photos I wanted, if any at all.

What’s the point?:  Exaclty, what is the point of spending more money and more time to eventually get what you would get with a digital camera?  I suppose, first of all, I am attracted to the cameras themselves.  If you are in anyway into photography, you can’t say that the old SLRs aren’t sexy.  Not only that, but they are very well made and have a nice “hefty” feel in your hand.  It is also the thought of challenging myself a bit more that is appealing to me as well.

What camera would I choose?: Out of the two cameras mentioned above, I would purchase the Canon.  I would choose the Canon for no other reason, than the fact that I could use the FD lenses on my XP1… back to that again.

In the end, I think it would only be a bit of fun for me.  I really don’t think that I  would be picking up one of these SLRs more often then my XP1, simply because my XP1 is far more cost effective & convenient to operate.

It’s a little project that I am seriously looking into.  Perhaps before laying out the money, I will put a roll through the little Oly automatic that I have.  At least that way, I will get a clear idea of the cost.

Happy shooting


Camera Fondling

If there were a law against camera fondling, I would be behind bars right now.

After taking my photos inside Christ Church Cathedral, I made my way down to a nearby electronics store.  Naturally, I gravitated towards the camera section of the store.  Four to six months ago, the area of the camera section that featured the higher end cameras, only featured DSLRs.

Today, it is a different story.

As I walked down the aisle looking at some of the antiques….. ooops, sorry, I meant to say DSLRs, I noticed a nice little patch of mirror-less cameras sitting there, begging me to come over to them.  I could not resist the call to go over and look at some of the latest gear out in the camera world right now.


Sitting there, just begging to be picked up and looked at, were: a Sony A7, an Olympus OM-D EM-5, a Fuji X-A1 and a Fuji X-M1.  I must admit, I went for the Sony A7 first.  I just had to handle it and see what it felt like.  Obviously, 2 minutes with a camera is not enough to enable me to write any sort of detailed review.

After getting a feel of the A7, I picked up the Oly.  One thing that I took away from holding both the Sony and the Oly, was that they are very small cameras, especially so the Oly.  The A7, which is a full frame camera, looked like a small compact camera when put next to even a Nikon APS-C DSLR.  Quite amazing if you ask me.


I briefly inspected the two Fujis that were on display and I found both of them to be very well built; though, not really comparable to my X10 or XP1, which have full metal bodies.  I can certainly see the appeal of the X-A1 & X-M1 to people who want something to travel with.

Though not really the latest in mirror-less cameras, there was a Sony Nex 5r and Nex 3n on display as well.  These are very nice compact cameras as well and I was amazed at how small the bodies were considering they have APS-C sensors.

It was a nice treat to be able to actually handle all of these cameras, rather then just reading about them.

Happy shooting

Christ Church Cathedral, Montreal, Que.

I had taken photos of the interior of this church once before; though, if I remember correctly, I did not get that many & I never posted them here.

I went back today with the intention of taking photos to add to the photos I already had posted.  But, as I said before, I never posted the first ones for some reason.

Here are some links in order to learn some more about this Cathedral:

Christ Church Cathedral, Montreal, Que.

Christ Church Cathedral, Montreal, Que.

Christ Church Cathedral, Montreal, Que.

Christ Church Cathedral, Montreal, Que.

Christ Church Cathedral, Montreal, Que.

Christ Church Cathedral, Montreal, Que.

Christ Church Cathedral, Montreal, Que.

Christ Church Cathedral, Montreal, Que.

Christ Church Cathedral, Montreal, Que.

Christ Church Cathedral, Montreal, Que.

Christ Church Cathedral, Montreal, Que.

Christ Church Cathedral, Montreal, Que.

Christ Church Cathedral, Montreal, Que.

Christ Church Cathedral, Montreal, Que.

Christ Church Cathedral, Montreal, Que.

Christ Church Cathedral, Montreal, Que.

Christ Church Cathedral, Montreal, Que.

Christ Church Cathedral, Montreal, Que.

Christ Church Cathedral, Montreal, Que.

Thanks for looking.

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Black X100S To Be Limited Edition. Fuji, Why?

The Fuji X100 was first shown to the world at Photokina in September of 2010.  This was the beginning of the X series, this was the camera that brought to where we are today.  It is was the re-birth of Fuji. No long after the launch of the X100 in it’s silver & black dress, Fuji launched the X100 in black, but it was a limited edition.  I will be the first to admit that is was very nicely presented in a very posh, black box.  I would not have said no to it if it were given to me as a gift. I do somewhat understand the whole marketing scheme behind it all.  After all, the X100 as it was introduced to the world, is the camera that propelled Fuji into a new dynasty.  That being the case, you perhaps don’t want to mess about with a good thing; that is to say, the X100 in it’s silver & black dress should be how the X100 should stay in the long run.  It IS what the X series is all about and based on.  Hence the “limited edition” black version. Personally, I like black cameras better.  My X10 is all black and so is my XP1 (not much choice when it comes to the XP1 though).  Don’t get me wrong, if someone offered a silver X100 to me, I would take it out of their hands faster then they could say “Fuji”.  However, there is a little part of me that says, “Just make a black one, with a regular production run already”. Though, it does not seem that Fuji will ever do a regular production run of a black X100, or an X100S for that matter.  They are going to keep that jewel in their crown as was intended to be: a retro styled, rangefinder like, silver & black dressed throwback to the days when cameras looked like that.  It is what gave Fuji new life in todays digital era.  They are not going to mess with it.  Get the point? Fuji is sticking with it’s tradition by introducing the black X100S as a limited edition.  So far, it has only been announced in Japan and will start shipping there on the 22nd of February. With this limited edition, here is what you are going to get in the box: -Black X100S limited edition -Leather case -Wide angle conversion lens -Lens hood -Adapter ring -All the regular accessories that you would get with an X100S Interesting note:  It seems that the new black X100S will be the same price as the regular silver version.  Therefore, you would essentially be getting those accessories for free.  However, when I look on the B&H site where it is listed for pre-order, only the regular accessories are listed under the tab “what’s in the box”. Either way, if you want one, you better hurry up and put your order in.  Apparently, only 1000 units will be made.  Though, it has not been made very clear if that is only 1000 units for the Japanese market or worldwide.  Honestly, I can not see Fuji making only a thousand of these cameras for the entire global market.  I am sure things will become much clearer in the next couple of days. Happy shooting

Quick Snaps

Going back home last Saturday after taking my shots for my little HDR project, I set my XP1 up to take some quick snaps.

It’s very dangerous for me to walk back to the Metro from the Old Port, because there are two camera stores on the way.  This time around, I managed to stay out of both of them, much to the displeasure of the store owners I am sure.

With my wallet safely in my pocket, I managed to take a couple of photos of things that caught my eye.




The Fuji X-T1

In another 8 days, Fuji is going to officially announce a brand new camera.  It is all but confirmed that this new camera will be called the X-T1 and more & more information is coming out about it each day.

I already covered the X-T1 in a previous post.  But, since then, actual photos of the real camera have been unveiled, by Fujifilm themselves.  Prior to these photos, there were quite a few people posting “mock-up” photos online.  Maybe Fuji should shut down it’s marketing department, because the rumor sites do an excellent job at promoting upcoming products.

Here is the first official photo of the X-T1 and it can be found here:


Are you looking at this Nikon??  This is Digital Fusion baby!  Not your (Nikon) interpretation of DF, which is more like Disappointing Fusion.

This is one sexy looking camera and it is done just right.  Congratulations Fuji.

As the photo states, the X-T1 will be announced on the 28th of this month.  The rumored MSRP of the camera is 180,000 Yen, which converts to $1894.80 and this is for the body only (keep in mind that doing straight conversions like this, is not necessarily the right way to get the exact MSRP of the camera when it hits your country).  Apparently, it will be in stores (Japan only? or all major markets?) by the middle of February.  The lens that it will be kitted up with, will be the 18-55.

What? The 18-55!!  Is this a Canikon move by Fuji?  No, I don’t think so.  As I have explained in a previous post about the 18-55, this lens is no Canikon, plastic “kit” lens.

Yes, I know, it is not weather sealed either.  For a weather sealed lens, you will have to wait for the 18-135, which is rumored to be the first, weather-sealed XF lens.

Here is a complete run down of the specs (rumored) as they stand now:

-weather sealed body

-bigger & better EVF

-X Trans II, 16mp APS-C sensor

-support for the UHS-II SD card (dual card slot has been confirmed)

-tilt screen

-built in Wi-Fi

-SLR styled body, as can be seen in the above photo

-rumored to be smaller than the X-E2

-additional battery grip optional

-interval timer function

-faster AF then the X-E2?

The camera is not even out yet and the above photo is the only official photo we have of the camera.  Yet, people on the interweb are already nit picking about it.  Unbelievable.

Here are a few complaints that I have read:

No threaded shutter button?...”

That shutter button looks hard to press…”

That red button is in an awkward position…”

In regards to the threaded shutter button, I am happy that they have done away with it on the X-T1.  Instead of being slightly pretentious by trying to be Leica “like”, a good solid shutter button is welcomed.  Besides, I really don’t think a soft release would fit in with the design of the X-T1, which is not very retro.

The shutter button is in the same place as with all X cameras.  However, the EV dial on the X-T1 is not recessed into the top plate like it is on the X-Pro1.  Though, I really don’t see it being an issue.  When you press the shutter button, your finger is bent anyhow (clearing the EV dial) and is not laying flat across the top.

I don’t see a problem with the red button, which I assume is a video-record button.  It is good that it is somewhat out of the way, since you don’t want to accidentally press it.

More nit picking to follow, I am sure.

From what I have read and seen, it looks to be a promising camera.  Though, it is a bit of an odd ball amongst all the retro styled X cameras.  But, I am sure that will not detract people who are aware of the X series yumminess from buying the camera.  I am looking forward to seeing the rest of the camera.

Happy shooting