To SLR Or Not To SLR, That Is The Question.

Yet again, I find myself in one of those “photographers” conundrums: should I by an SLR or not?  Of course, this is not one of those decisions that every “photographer” goes through, but it is one of those, “should I… ?” moments.  Should I get that lens?  Should I get that second camera? Etc.  It leaves you weighing all the pros & cons; while at the same time, looking at your bank account to see if you can afford it.

In this particular case, the money really isn’t the problem.  No, I am not rich.  My “should i” scenario would only cost a couple of hundred bucks.  Pretty cheap in the world of photography.

What’s the big idea:  Okay, so what is it that I am wanting to do?  What I have been thinking about doing, is buying an old film SLR and not the automatic ones either.  What I have been looking at, are cameras like the Canon FTB or the Olympus OM 10.

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Both these cameras can be had for around $60 each, body only.  From my research, both cameras are very good and lenses are readily available for them at cheap prices.

Why do I want to shoot film?:  You might as well ask me why the sky is blue.  I don’t have a straight answer.  I must be crazy to go back nearly 40 years and pick one of these cameras up to put rolls of film through them.  I mean seriously, film??  Developing time? Negatives? What am I thinking.

On top of waiting for the film to be developed, there is obviously the cost to consider.  I figure that every roll of film would cost about $20.  This would include buying it and then having the negatives developed, but not printed.  In regards to negatives, my thought was to buy a scanner with the capability to scan 35mm film (negatives).  From there, I could run the “scans” through Photoshop and print what photos I wanted, if any at all.

What’s the point?:  Exaclty, what is the point of spending more money and more time to eventually get what you would get with a digital camera?  I suppose, first of all, I am attracted to the cameras themselves.  If you are in anyway into photography, you can’t say that the old SLRs aren’t sexy.  Not only that, but they are very well made and have a nice “hefty” feel in your hand.  It is also the thought of challenging myself a bit more that is appealing to me as well.

What camera would I choose?: Out of the two cameras mentioned above, I would purchase the Canon.  I would choose the Canon for no other reason, than the fact that I could use the FD lenses on my XP1… back to that again.

In the end, I think it would only be a bit of fun for me.  I really don’t think that I  would be picking up one of these SLRs more often then my XP1, simply because my XP1 is far more cost effective & convenient to operate.

It’s a little project that I am seriously looking into.  Perhaps before laying out the money, I will put a roll through the little Oly automatic that I have.  At least that way, I will get a clear idea of the cost.

Happy shooting

Christ Church Cathedral, Montreal, Que.

I had taken photos of the interior of this church once before; though, if I remember correctly, I did not get that many & I never posted them here.

I went back today with the intention of taking photos to add to the photos I already had posted.  But, as I said before, I never posted the first ones for some reason.

Here are some links in order to learn some more about this Cathedral:

Christ Church Cathedral, Montreal, Que.

Christ Church Cathedral, Montreal, Que.

Christ Church Cathedral, Montreal, Que.

Christ Church Cathedral, Montreal, Que.

Christ Church Cathedral, Montreal, Que.

Christ Church Cathedral, Montreal, Que.

Christ Church Cathedral, Montreal, Que.

Christ Church Cathedral, Montreal, Que.

Christ Church Cathedral, Montreal, Que.

Christ Church Cathedral, Montreal, Que.

Christ Church Cathedral, Montreal, Que.

Christ Church Cathedral, Montreal, Que.

Christ Church Cathedral, Montreal, Que.

Christ Church Cathedral, Montreal, Que.

Christ Church Cathedral, Montreal, Que.

Christ Church Cathedral, Montreal, Que.

Christ Church Cathedral, Montreal, Que.

Christ Church Cathedral, Montreal, Que.

Christ Church Cathedral, Montreal, Que.

Thanks for looking.

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Quick Snaps

Going back home last Saturday after taking my shots for my little HDR project, I set my XP1 up to take some quick snaps.

It’s very dangerous for me to walk back to the Metro from the Old Port, because there are two camera stores on the way.  This time around, I managed to stay out of both of them, much to the displeasure of the store owners I am sure.

With my wallet safely in my pocket, I managed to take a couple of photos of things that caught my eye.




Canon Elura 100

I have mentioned the Canon Elura 100 a few times in my most recent posts.  I bought this video camera back in mid 2006, before my daughter was born.  I bought the kit, which included the camera & all accessories, 1 extra battery, a DV tape and a very nice leather bag.


When I bought the camera back in 2006, I was so very smitten with it.  It was the most advanced camera that I had bought yet and it gave me the opportunity to follow my wife’s pregnancy, as well as the birth and hospitalization of my daughter.

It’s a far better video camera then a still photo camera, obviously.  However, for what it is, the still photography part of the camera is not all that bad.  Mind you, todays mobile phones can do far better and this would not be worth anyone’s time or money right now.

However, I do believe that the video function of the camera is still relevant in this day and age.  The camera records on MiniDV tapes, as well as SD cards.  For me, MiniDV still gives you very good video quality.  Yes, I know, it probably does not hold up against all the new fangled gear of today, but it holds it’s own.

Here are the specs:

-1.5″ CCD Sensor, 1.3mp (approx.)

-Total pixels on tape <4:3 – 690,000

16:9, IS off – 880,000

16:9, IS on – 750,000

Card <approx. 1,000,000

-Tape format: DV

-Recording time: 80min on SP, 120min on LP

-Lens: 3mm to 60mm, f/1.8-3.6, 20x zoom

-27mm filter

-Viewfinder: 0.33″, 113,000 pixels

-LCD: 2.7″, 123,000 pixels

Overall, a pretty decent little video camera for it’s time.

I have not really used it that much since I got into DSLRs and Fuji X cameras.  Both my Fuji cameras can do decent video and my Nikon DSLRs did decent video as well.  Therefore, I am not sure where that leaves the poor little Canon Elura…

I tried selling it, but no one was interested.  I was a little surprised at this, since I was not selling it for all that much.  But I suppose when everyone has video on their phones & cameras these days (despite the poor quality on most devices), people don’t care much about a dedicated video camera anymore.

Anyhow, it now sits in my desk drawer, doing nothing.  Perhaps one day I will take it out again and do some video.  Happy shooting


Manila Ocean Park, Manila, Philippines

Manila Ocean Park sit’s behind Luneta Park and juts out into the water.  Manila Hotel and the US Embassy are a stones throw away – don’t throw stones at the US Embassy.

It’s a great place to go for the day with the family and before going inside the aquarium, you can catch the show outside.  If you are going to catch the show outside, it is probably best to go before noon so that it is not that hot.

The photos below were once again taken with my Wife’s Sony P&S.  That’s my nephew in the first photo.













Hacienda Villa Escudero, San Pablo City, Philippines

One of my favorite places to go to when in the Philippines, is Villa Escudero.  It is a great place to go to for the day with the family and if you want to learn a little about Philippine culture & history, this is the place to go.

Here is a link to a brief overview and history of the estate:

Some unique features of the resort: Carabao cart rides, Jeepney rides, eating at the base of a waterfall, an eclectic collection of historical items, a cultural dance show and river raft rides.

The following photos were taken with my wife’s Sony DSC-W180.

































Ninoy Aquino International Airport, Manila, Philippines

As much as I love the Philippines, I don’t love their international airport all that much.  Despite the fact that brand new facilities have been built in the last 16 years (Terminal 2, 3 & 4), people flying into manila on non-Philippine airlines or airlines that at not affiliated/partially operated by the national air carrier*, have the joy of landing at the original terminal.

*Starting March 30 of this year, All Nippon Airways (Japanese airline) has the privilege of landing at Terminal 3.

My experiences with the old terminal are as follows: it is dark, hot, humid and crowded.  That pretty well sums it up.  Not really the best way to greet guests coming to your country if you ask me.  If you can, try to fly to any number of places within 6 hours of Manila and hop a flight on Philippine airlines, Cebu Pacific, AirAsia Zest and starting in March, All Nippon Airways.  If you can do this, you will be able to avoid Terminal 1.

There are plenty of stories about Terminal 1 I can share, but I don’t want to bore anyone.

Below is my ride at Terminal 1, a Cathay Pacific Boeing 777.



Hong Kong SkyCity Marriott, Chek Lap Kok, Hong Kong

When in Hong kong, one of the hotels I stayed in was Hong Kong SkyCity Marriot.  The hotel itself sits next to Chek Lap Kok, Hong Kong’s international airport.

I took the opportunity to upgrade to the Executive Suite and accommodations.  For a small amount of money it was definitely worth it.  Once in the Executive lounge/restaurant, you have a fantastic view of the airport and a great vantage point for spotting planes coming in to land/takeoff.

Photos below were taken with the Canon Elura 100.



Bulacan, Bulacan, Philippines

Before I go any further, some of you may be wondering why I am using “Bulacan” twice.  Bulacan is a province in the Philippines and within that province, are Barangays & Municipalities.  Bulacan is a Municipality within the province of Bulacan.  You follow?

A Barangay is the smallest administrative division in the Philippines.  It is a native Filipino term that refers to a district, ward or village.  Municipalities are made up of Barangays.

Here are some photos from around my cousins house in Bulacan, Bulacan.  She is in the Barangay of Maysantol.

The photos below were taken with my Canon Elura 100.






IMG_0973 - Copy