Post-Firmware 3.10 Upgrade on X-Pro1

I updated my XP1 last night after work.  Lucky for me, I have not set up C1 or C2 yet.  Why lucky?  Because, this firmware update will erase any settings that you may have stored in your camera.  Even the date & time have to be set again.

After the update, I have had no issues.  Good.  It’s a 36mb file and it seemed to take forever to download for some reason.  I suppose everyone is hitting the server at once.

As always, I updated the body without the lens and Fuji actually recommends to do it this way.  Some people say they do it with the lens on and have had no problems, but I would rather be safe than sorry.

Once the firmware starts to install, it only takes about a minute to complete.  After, all you need to do is turn your camera off, re-attach your lens, start the camera up & re-set any custom settings.

Of course, with any new firmware, there are going to be new features and functionality in the camera.  That means that your current manual for the X-Pro1 will be out of date.  If you wish, you can download and print the PDF file that explains the new features and changes:

Enjoy the new features on your X-P1.



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