Fuji X10 Two Piece Leather Case: Part III

It has been 3 months since I took delivery of my case for the X10 and I am not disappointed.

Despite it not being leather (Let’s get real.  For the amount I paid for it, it was never going to be real leather), the material has held up.  I have used my X10 quite a lot in the last three months and I don’t see any sort of wear on the outside of the case.

In regards to the material, they call it PU leather.  PU is right, because it does stink when you first take it out of the bag.  The smell does go away after a few days.

I rarely use the second half of the case (the part that covers the top, back and front of the camera), except when I take the X10 by itself.  On the most part, I have the X10 share the camera bag with it’s daddy, the XP1.

I know 3 months is not all that long to use a product for, but I doubt it will fall apart anytime soon due to my usage of it.


2 thoughts on “Fuji X10 Two Piece Leather Case: Part III

    1. Yeah, it was definitely worth the money. When I looked around, there was not much choice for the X10-20. I only found the Fuji one (real leather) and the type that I bought (PU leather). It’s a great add on for sure.


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