Fuji NP-50 Battery For The X10: Part II

I wanted to update everyone on the NP-50 battery that I ordered from Amazon.  If you remember from my last post, I determined it to be a fake.

Even though it may not be a genuine Fuji OEM battery (they do a good job in making it look like one), the battery itself has performed fine.  It has neither blown up in my charger or my camera.  I have not counted, so I can’t tell you if it gets more or less shots than the OEM.  Though, I feel it may get a bit less.

The reason I ordered it, was because the battery I got with the camera started to de-charge in the camera overnight.  I thought the battery had come to the end of it’s life, but I then played around with the settings of the camera and it stopped de-charging in the camera.

I now have three batteries for my X10, which is not a bad thing considering how fast the camera can go through a fully charged battery.


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