New XF Lens Roadmap

Fuji has been hard at work and have developed some new lenses for the XF line-up.  With this new line-up, it seems that Fuji has “borrowed” some focal ranges from their XC line-up.

If you ask me, I wish Fuji would drop the XC line-up, save money on R&D and just lower the cost of the XF lenses.  When you compare the price of a 16-50 XC and an 18-55 XF, the difference in price is not light years – it’s $300.  Cut that difference in half, take the $150 off of the XF lens and voila!  $549 for a brand new 18-55 is far more attractive than $699.

Anyhow, I digress.  I know why Fuji makes an XC line and I highly doubt they would get rid of it any time soon.

Here are the new lenses that should be released by Fujifilm in the next year or so:

XF 16-55mm f/2.8

XF 50-140mm f/2.8

XF 18-135mm f/3.5 – 5.6

Large diameter wide angle lens

A super telephoto lens, greater than 200mm… maybe.

The 18-135 would be very appealing.  It would make a great travel/walk around lens.  I remember my Nikkor 18-105.  It was just right for everyday walkabouts and you did not have to bring along another lens.

The 16-55mm also looks interesting, but I feel that it will be even more expensive than the 18-55.  The XC line-up has a 16-55, but it does not have a constant aperture throughout it’s focal range.  Mind you, my Nikon was f/3.5-5.6 and I had no problems shooting at f/3.5 in low light, especially with today’s sensors and the VR.  So, I am not to sure that f/2.8 at the short end would benefit anyone all that much.  On the long end, YES.

Fuji certainly is slowly rounding off their lens line-up.  Though, once again, I am not going to be eager to see the price of any of these lenses.


Porter Airlines

Porter Airlines is another airline that frequents YUL.  They are based in Toronto at the City Island Airport (they actually own the Island Airport Terminal). Before Porter bought (they purchased it when they were known as REGCO Holdings) the Island Airport Terminal, Air Canada Jazz was using it extensively.  Though, because Porter was a main rival to Jazz (Now Air Canada Express), Porter basically kicked Air Canada Jazz off the island.  That’s one way of dealing with your competition. Porter operates a fleet of 26 Bombardier Dash 8 – Q400 (8 of which are NextGen) aircraft to 16 destinations around North America. Porter Airlines Q400 Porter Airlines Q400 Porter Airlines Q400 Porter Airlines Q400

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Sunwing Airlines

On the same day that i caught the Swiss International A330 coming over my head, I also was able to catch a Sunwing 737-800.

Sunwing Airlines is based in Etobicoke, Ontario.  They fly scheduled and chartered flights within North America and to Mexico, the Caribbean, Europe, Central & South America – a total of 65 destinations.

They have a fleet of 32 aircraft, all Boeing 737-800s with blended winglets.






Swiss International Airlines (Formerly SwissAir)

Prior to 9/11, SwissAir was once one of the “big four” airlines in Europe and was a major international airline, being known as the “flying bank” for it’s financial stability.

Even during the years leading up to 9/11, SwissAir was beginning to have financial problems and the terrorist attacks on New York just further sealed their fate.

In October of 2001, the entire airline was grounded.  For six months afterwards, the airline was kept alive by the Swiss government.  In April of 2002, Swiss International Airlines was founded on the backs of former Crossair.  The newly formed airline took over most of the routes, planes and staff of SwissAir.

In 2005, Swiss International Airlines was taken over by Lufthansa.

The photos below are of a Swiss International Airlines Airbus A330-343X coming in right over my house, Jan 20, 2013.  It was quite a surprise to see him come over my house, since runway 10-28 is not used all that often by larger aircraft.  However, we had just had a snow storm and listening to the ATC, the Captain did not like the fact that there was a bit to much snow on the main runway.









Looking through my archives the other day, I thought that I only had one photo of Canjet.  But, I then looked on my other hard drive and found a bunch more.  Cool.

Canjet is a low cost, chartered airline, based in Enfield & Halifax, Nova Scotia.  It operates it’s chartered flights throughout Canada and the USA.  Prior to September 2006, Canjet operated scheduled flights.

Canjet serves 37 locations with it’s fleet of 8 Boeing 737’s (various models).

The aircraft photoed below is a Boeing 737-8GJ/W.






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Part II Of Windsor Station, Montreal, Que. (In Color)

I decided to re-visit Windsor Station with the XP1 today.  When I last shot Windsor Station, I used the X10 & did it in B&W.

For some reason, I did not feel the vibe today.  There was a Christmas tree in front of the main doors and around the tree, there was this little red fence.  The whole thing just did not fit in with the architecture and I feel that it threw things off a bit.

Honestly, I do prefer it in black & white.