Happy Friday Everyone!

The weekend is upon us once again.  Not only is the weekend upon us, but so is December!  Can you believe it?  It’s December already.  Where the heck did the summer and fall go!

To me and to many other people who I have spoken to, this year has gone by far to fast & summer only seems like it was yesterday.  2014 really does not need to get here that fast.

The madness begins…. well, at least for other people.  For me, I will do my best to stay out of the shops this year and do everything online.  Christmas is not about being in a mall with thousands of other people, pushing & shoving or maneuvering in a parking lot with thousands of other cars, jockeying for that one spot.  Everyone gets stressed out and tired, they bitch and moan….. all for what?  I just don’t get it.

Christmas is not about pleasing other people or trying to out do other people with your gift.  It’s about getting together with family & loved ones, sharing, giving and just taking some time out to appreciate what you have.  Enough of the madness, get back to the true meaning of the season.


For this weekend, the weather looks to be decent.  Mostly sunny, with some clouds on Saturday.  Sunday looks to be a cloudy day, with some snow.  Therefore, Saturday looks to be the best day to go out and take some photos.

Have a good weekend folks and remember, take your camera out with you!


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