Wrong Kind Of Card Dingbat!

You have to laugh at yourself at times. especially when a situation warrants it.  If you don’t laugh, someone else surely is.  Besides, there is nothing wrong with humility.

We made the decision to take the car downtown to go and see the Santa Claus parade.  I had some reservations about doing so, but we needed to run a few errands at the same time anyway.

The one and only reservation I had, was of course the ability to find parking.  Well, we drove and drove, and drove some more along Sherbrooke St..  No joy.  Instead of wasting more gas, we went inside the Lotto Quebec building to park.

The first spot we took had a “reserved” sign for it.  Though, because it was the weekend, I thought it would not be a big deal.  A couple of minutes later, I had second thoughts and we moved the car to a lower level where there is general parking.  I really did not want to come back and find that our car had been towed.

Coming back from the parade, the first stop I made was at the automatic payment machine to pay for the parking.  Hmmmm, this looks simple….

You see them all over the place: the black slot for credit cards/bank cards.  You see them on gas pumps, parking machines, etc.  The parking machine I was using to pay for my parking, had one to.  In addition, it had 3 steps marked out on the front of the machine.  1) insert parking ticket 2) pay 3) get receipt.

On step number 2, the “2” was placed next to the black slot and to the left of the black slot, was another slot that accepts paper money.  I looked at this and said, “Great, I can use my Visa”.

I proceeded to put my ticket in for step 1 and the screen told me I owed $5.  So, I put my Visa card in the black slot.  The screen then stated, “transaction in progress”.  So, I waited and waited and waited some more… nothing.  After about 5 minutes, a message came up on the screen saying, “You were not quick enough.  Please try again”.

What???  I was not quick enough??  How fast do I need to put my credit card in?  Alright…. So, I do the whole process over again.  Same result.  What the fuc….

I closely inspected this uncooperative black slot and I noticed something missing.  There was no little sticker with the usual credit card names next to the slot.  It then struck me: this slot is not for credit cards, it’s for people’s monthly parking passes!!  Oh brother.

One five dollar bill later and I was out of there, laughing.


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