Raccoon Invasion

We had a bit of a wind storm last night here in Montreal.  It knocked power out for some people and blew stuff around a bit.  Nothing major.

I was not able to sleep last night, so I got up to go to the kitchen for a drink.  Just out of curiosity, I looked out the back door to see how strong the wind was.  As I looked out, I noticed that our recycling box was turned over and on the other side of the balcony.  I thought to myself, “That box was up against the wall.  How could the wind have done that?”.

Then I noticed that a plant pot with dirt in it, had been knocked over and the dirt was spread over a couple of square feet of the balcony.  This scene was becoming familiar to ones I had seen in the past.

I got closer to the window in the door and started to scan the balcony from side to side.  Just as my eyes came to the corner of the balcony where the door is, I saw them, two large raccoons.

Both of them were up against the back door, in the corner of the balcony, tumbling around and crashing into the door.  Well, okay, maybe “tumbling” is the wrong word.  I suppose you can say they were in the midst of a private moment and I disturbed them.

My first reaction was to go and grab my camera.  However, with two doors (two panes of glass & a screen) in between me and the subjects, along with the bad angle, I did not get any good shots.

I was really tempted to go outside from the front of the house and sneak up on them to get a good shot, but I decided against it.  Not sure my neighbours would like having a camera flash coming through their window.

I went back into my office to put my camera away and went to the window to look at them again.  I knocked on the window every so lightly and one of them looked up at me, seemingly without a care in the world.

Before they made an even bigger mess, I knocked on the window harder and one of them ran off.  The other one stuck around, looking at it’s mate running away.  The one who ran off, stopped a few feet away and looked back at it’s mate who stuck around, as if to say, “Hey, you coming or what? we have unfinished business!”.

I did not stay up any longer to see if they both eventually ran off or if they both stuck around a bit longer.

Needless to say, I have a mess to clean up when I get home tonight.





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