Thinking Of The Philippines


As most of the world knows by now, the biggest ever Typhoon (Hurricane) has cut a swath of destruction across the central area of the Philippines.  Nothing like it has ever been seen before and it’s power & destruction is still trying to be digested by the people on the ground.

The majority of the people who have been affected by this typhoon, did not have much to begin with.  Each and ever day for them was a struggle to begin with.  Now, they have nothing and their lives have just become much harder by a hundred fold.

The most venerable people in disasters like this, will always be the children.  They are not able to fend for themselves and it only becomes worse for them when they lose their parents.

None of the people who have suffered, have asked for this to happen to them.  However, they are all asking for help & desperately need it.

Some people seem to think it is useless to pray because they are asking, “why did God let this happen in the first place?”.  It’s not a question that can easily be answered.  If you don’t feel that a prayer would be helpful, give hope in a different way by sending messages of kindness, money to the Red Cross, etc.  Any hope, no matter in what capacity, will be accepted I am sure.

I have a special place in my heart for the Philippines and even though I am not Pinoy, this disaster is hitting me in a personal way nonetheless.  It is hitting home more so then if the disaster were to happen elsewhere.

My thoughts and prayers are with all those who were affected by this disaster.  May they all stay strong, keep hope & continue to have faith.  May God have mercy on them.


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