Mont Tremblant, Que.

This weekend, we packed up the Tiguan and went up to our country place.  There are no colors to speak of anymore, so fall is officially over.  You can also feel the bite in the air during the evening, which means winter is not to far behind.

On Sunday, we decided to motor on up to Mont Tremblant.  I have lived in the area for about 30 years now and Mont Tremblant was always one of the family getaways on the weekend.  Therefore,  I can give you a first hand account on how much Mont Tremblant has changed in 30 years.

DSCF0339 Stitch (2)_3660x1482

DSCF0339 Stitch_5463x1613

The panoramas above show the ski resort.  Most everything you see in the picture, was not there 30 years ago.  There are still a few of the old buildings left, as well as the church.  The lake that can be seen, is one that I fished a few times.



None of the lifts were working this day, so I had to walk up the mountain a bit to get those panoramic shots.  It was certainly good exercise and I felt the “burn”!



The above photo is of one of the original buildings.



If you feel that the buildings have a “Whistler” look to them, that is because the company (Intrawest) who built up Whistler, also built up Tremblant.



With a few Beaver Tails, a hot chocolate & a coffee, we were able to keep warm.  Despite the cool temps, it was slightly better when we sat under the sun.


Aside from being able to take the panoramic shots after climbing up the mountain a bit, I was also able to explore the water falls just to the right of the ski slope as you look up.


2 thoughts on “Mont Tremblant, Que.

  1. The ski village is one of my favorite places, mainly because of the colorful establishments and buildings. It is always fun to visit the place. Love the photos!


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