Snow Storm Landings

If it is not raining outside, not a lot stops from going out and taking photos, even snow storms!  The below photos were taken with my D3000 and 55-200mm.  You can see that there is quite a bit of falloff from the lens in the photos.



Despite the snow, the camera did not have any issues locking onto it’s subject.



I was not at the airport to take these photos.  I was actually standing on my back balcony.  The aircraft were landing on runway 10-28 at Dorval, a runway not very often used.  Though, when it is, the aircraft come right over my house.


It was quite something to see that day.  As you looked off in the distance, you could see their lights shining bright through the low-visibility of the snow storm.  They came in one after the other, kind of like a parade.



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