Happy Friday & Happy November!!

Can you believe it?  It is November already!  It feels like summer was only yesterday.  The start of November here has been a bit of an eventful one.  We have 200,000+ people without power because of 90kmh winds.  Along with no power, there have been plenty of landing aborts at the airport because of wind shear.

So, what does the rest of November have to offer us?  Well, I am sure we will get our first snow.  There will be the Santa Claus parade, early Christmas shopping & getting all the winter clothes out.

Looking at the 14 day trend, it looks like we are looking at temperatures that will be above 0 most of the days.  There seems to be some rain here and there and perhaps by mid month, SNOW!!!

Anyhow, I hope you all have a great weekend.  Don’t forget, try and get out and shoot!


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