Halloween Night

The rain did not let up all that much tonight.  However, at least it was not that cold.  It was a bit of a challenge getting photos, since i was holding an umbrella in my left hand.  But, i was able to manage it with the X10.

In my last post, i set out some baseline numbers for my settings on the X10.  Those numbers worked worked just fine for me.  Though, i realized fast that i had to be around 4-5 feet away from the subject for the flash to be really effective.

With the AF illuminator doing it’s job, i had no issues with locking focus.  For most of the photos, i had my lens at 35mm, which gave me the best FOV for what i was doing.  It allowed my to get close enough for the flash to be effective.

All in all, i am very pleased how the X10 performed in such low light conditions.  Compared to my Nikon D80 (which I sold to buy the X10), the X10 renders colors far better in my opinion.  As a matter of fact, I would say the X10 is a better camera.













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