Re-Sizing Photos

Pumpkins At Atwater Market.  Taken With X10
Pumpkins At Atwater Market. Taken With X10

Anytime that I have posted photos online, I have re-sized them.  This is one way to make it a waste of time for someone to steal them.  Most of the photos on my blog are around 800KB, which is a decent size in order to have a nice view.

The original files are around 5mb.  Though, if I were to upload these files, it would take forever.  Not only that, but full resolution photos are far more susceptible to being stolen since they are far more useful to be used.

Furthermore, as a fellow blogger just pointed out to me, having scaled down photos on your site will enable your blog posts/pages to load faster.  No one really wants to sit in front of a computer, waiting for photos to load-up.

To re-size my photos, I used a little batch re-sizing software called, “Fotosizer”.  When I use it, I scale my photos down by 50%.  But you say, “shouldn’t your photos then be around 2.5mb??”.  Logically, I suppose that should be the case.  But, they end up being around 800kb on average.  However it gets to that number, it works for me.

Here is the link to the software:


4 thoughts on “Re-Sizing Photos

  1. Good post. I use Perfect Resize for mine, and never post as “maximum” quality jpgs. Something people should consider also is that the larger the photo, the slower your page will load for the reader. If a page takes too long to load, readers will abandon it. Also, the page load time can be a factor in how a site is treated by the seo folks (aka google et al).


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