St. Paul (Latin Catholic Community)

While down around the Atwater Market, we came across St. Paul, a Latin Catholic community church.  We went inside, but there was a mass going on, so we did not stay for to long – we could not understand what they were saying, lol.


We decided to go back, but there was still something going on inside.  I’m not sure what they were doing, but no one seemed to mind that i was there with a camera.


I always carry both my cameras: the XP1 and the X10.  One of the main differences between these two cameras mechanically, is the shutter.  The XP1 has a Focal Plane Shutter and the X10 has a Leaf Shutter.

Since there was still some sort of ceremony going on inside, i did not dare take photos with the XP1 (I wish i would have been able to use the XP1, just for the larger APS-C sensor, compared to the 2/3″ sensor of the X10).  If i did, everyone would have turned around after the shutter had opened and closed.  Yes, it is no quieter than a DSLR.

Knowing the situation, i knew what camera i had to pull out & use: the X10.  With the Leaf Shutter of the X10, i took photos in complete silence.  People who saw me were probably wondering what i was doing pointing a camera in different directions, but not taking photos.  Well, at least that is what they would think.  The X10 is sooo silent, i don’t even know that it has taken a photo when i am holding it myself.


Anyhow, even though i was shooting in complete silence & was not bothering anyone, i did not stick around for to long.  However, i would like to go back again and spend a bit more time to figure out those lights hanging from the ceiling.  I am sure i would have to dial in some negative exposure – and take some test shots – to cut down on the “glow”.



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