What Fall Colors!?

We took a drive up to my home territory today to have Thanksgiving dinner with the folks.  Half way there, we stopped to do a bit of shopping.  I must be crazy to even think of going to this place.  However, for a long weekend, the factory outlets were not that busy at all.




After a lot more driving, we reached our destination.  It was such a beautiful day, it was hard to resist not going for a nice walk.


We seem to be a few weeks late for the colors though.  Many trees were bare already and the ones that still had leafs, the colors were quite dull.


If anyone thought that we did not have a dry summer, think again.  It was very evident that the ponds here have lost quite a bit of water over the summer months.


DSCF0198 Stitch_4028x1615

In sum, these photos show what is left of the colors up in the north country.  Therefore, if you are planning a trip up to this neck of the woods for Fall colors, don’t bother.




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